After watching 90% of the total nominations, here are my predictions for the Academy Awards this year in my will win, might win, should win format.


Will win: Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years A Slave)

Might win: Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)


Will win: Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)


Will win: American Hustle

Might win: Her

Should win: Her


Will win: 12 Years A Slave

Might win: Philomena


Will win: Frozen


Will win: Get a Horse!

Might win: Mr. Hublot


Will win: The Great Gatsby

Might win: American Hustle


Will win: American Hustle

Might win: The Great Gatsby


Will win: Dallas Buyers Club

Should never win: Bad Grandpa


Will win: Gravity

Might win: Prisoners


Will win: Helium

Might win: Just Before Losing Everything


Will win: 20 Feet From Stardom

Might win: The Act of Killing


Will win: The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life

Might win: CaveDigger


Will win: Gravity


Will win: Gravity


Will win: Gravity


Will win: Captain Phillips

Might win: Gravity


Will win: Gravity


Will win: Frozen


Will win: The Great Beauty


Will win: Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity)


Will win: Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)

Might win: Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave)

Should win: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)


Will win: Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)

Might win: Judi Dench (Philomena)


Will win: Gravity

Might win: 12 Years A Slave

Dark Horse: American Hustle


2013 In Review

by Patrick on December 31, 2013



Just gonna have to be a different man.

Entering the third fourth decade of your life is certainly a milestone albeit not as big as 18, 21, and 40. However this past year has come and gone with much more change that any of my previous life milestones. This year I changed jobs, changed roommates, and even changed my eye color.

Of course not many noticed that last one, now I know how a woman with a new haircut feels when it goes unnoticed.

Every year I tend to make broad goals instead of resolutions but I had one specific goal this time last year that I amazingly stuck to: run a race every quarter of 2012.


I did better than four in 2013, I ran an amazing six races. The idea behind running a race every quarter was to develop a regular habit of running. I thought it would be a healthier lifestyle. Compared to before I can now run faster and for longer distances however the Holidays have negated any sort of health benefits all this running may introduced. I think I’ll maintain this casual running habit in 2014, I know a lot of my friends that are runners out there will be quick to push me to start marathons and whatever else to join the cult, the biggest problem with running for me right now is that running too much has put a lot of stress on my knee. Looking at my Mom’s health history with her knee doesn’t make me super enthused about my chances

Ok now on to the other parts of my life.



2013 held many fun times at MXM Social: running the office’s Skeeball team (and losing every game of the season), e-mail announcements about Royal babies, and many MXM Happy Hours which led to many mornings like this:

Whether I was hanging out at the club with Charles and Fenella, taking photos for work or because coworkers got engaged, or just living it up at another Epic Holiday Party, it was always a fun time at MXM Social.

Then all of a sudden a wonderful opportunity fell into my lap and I had to make a tough decision to leave.

Moving to Volkswagen of America has been an enormous step in my career. As I continue to get settled in I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities over at VW. So far I think I’m finally starting to settle in and that will be a big part of what 2014 will hold for me professionally.

At least I’m already at home with their Twitter handle.


Social Media

My social media escapades were many and glorious 2013. Perhaps the coolest of them all was covering the Presidential Inauguration for WeLoveDC. There’s nothing like Inaugural Ball hopping. Also I had some great partnerships with both Warby Parker and Sony. Once again I spoke at the National Defense University and I also had the pleasure of hosting a panel at the Washington Post for SMCDC!

Oh ya and I also wrote about people having Air Sex.

In August I spent a month vlogging where I found the opportunity to share with the world my love of the Backstreet Boys. With my career path steering away from Social Media a little bit I think that the online adventures might take a downturn in 2014, however I’ve been working on redesigning this site and my YouTube channel so expect some exciting things happening next year in these two areas.



I love my friends so much and this year saw tons of experiences like my very first Crab boil, trips to Hersheypark, and scavenger hunts in DC. I also enjoyed some Nats games, read some books to kids, and bonded with my new Asian crew.

Every year I discover some new friends and say goodbye to some old ones. This year I was really sad to see my longtime roommate Caroline move out. Luckily my new roommate Erica looks eager to pick up the torch as an avid supporter of #ragelikepho.

What is #ragelikepho? For some it’s the excited face I make in every photograph. For others it’s a just a good ol’ fashion night out on the town. Perhaps it starts with drinks with your friends and then moves to drinks with your hair stylist. Drinks with your coworkers turns into you on a roof of a building holding fireworks.

2014 I believe #ragelikepho will be alive and well.

2013-12-21 00.36.05-2


From my siblings to my cousins who I don’t see enough of despite living in the same city, I found lots of time to spend time with my blood relationships. I trekked up to New York to stay with Diana a few times the past year, it’s as if I actually enjoy the city. Danny is now 21 which only means that eventually all four of us will go out somewhere and it will be awesome.




This year I saw over 21 shows and I continuously wonder where I found the time to see them all. Of course the biggest Theatre event of the year was the Helen Hayes Awards. There an actress offered her body to me and I became friends with WAMU’s Rebecca Sheir. I also got a very healthy dose of the DC Fringe Festival this past summer, perhaps too healthy. Next year I think I’m cutting back on Fringe. While I’ve cut back on a lot of my writing in 2013 I don’t see theatre going anywhere anytime soon.

Travel & Special Events

In 2013 I traveled over 22,551 miles. Here are some of the places and things I did:


Miami, FL: BCS National Championship Game


Presidential Inauguration


New York, NY: Stephanie’s Birthday


Austin, TX: SXSW


Pasadena, CA: College Football Playoff Announcement

2013-05-19 23.50.51

Baltimore, MD: Emily & Will’s Wedding

2013-05-22 14.50.57

Hatteras, NC: The OBX

Atlanta, GA: NEA RA

2013-07-05 14.54.44

Chicago, IL

2013-07-28 00.19.56-2

Bristow, VA: Dave Matthews Band


Los Angeles, CA: VidCon


New York, NY: Photo Plus Expo

2013-11-06 23.23.38

Los Angeles, CA

2013-12-01 12.03.44

Boston, MA: Thanksgiving

2013-12-28 00.57.19

New York, NY

2013 was quite the year, can’t wait to do it all again!


This Is 30.

by Patrick on December 16, 2013

I’m a man. I’m 30.

I’m still hopeless and romantic however.



“So things have been a little bit crazy for me right now.”

I was standing in the middle of the sidewalk in Foggy Bottom, pacing up and down the same half-block of I St. outside the Metro station. I always pace when I’m on the phone. The constant movement of my legs while concentrating on something else is representative of my life in general. On the other end of the line was Erin, a friend and photographer in Dallas. We have been keeping each other accountable for each other’s big personal projects with regular Sunday phone calls. I was in the middle of explaining why I haven’t done anything new with my YouTube channel lately.

My car’s registration, safety, and emissions certification all expired on October 1st. When I went to get my car inspected mid-September it failed with flying colors. I’ve since spent the better part of the past few weeks trying to get my car up to snuff.

Caroline,  my long-time roommate of five years, has decided to move out. I now have to scramble and organize a roommate search.

However both these things paled in comparison with what was currently occupying my mind.

“So I got a job offer from Volkswagen this weekend.”

I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. MXM Social is an amazing place to work. I’ve loved every waking moment of my three and a half years there. The people there are amazing, the experiences I’ve had are ones I’ll never forget, the things I’ve learned are countless. I have become a better person and a better storyteller thanks to MXM Social and for that I am forever grateful.

Next week I’ll end one chapter of my life and begin a new one with VW. I will be leading the creation of a new video production group inside their U.S. Headquarters. It is an opportunity that doesn’t fall into your lap everyday, and I am excited to take on the challenge.

It is really scary to change your life and I know the next few months will be a period of great change. A new job, a new commute, a new roommate are just some of the big changes coming down the pike. There’s a lot of uncertainty down the road ahead but at the same time there is a lot of excitement and I’m ready to walk down this new path head-first.



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March 6, 2013

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January 13, 2013

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Welcoming In The Last Year Of My 20s

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