Days Of Summer

by Patrick on August 11, 2002

The days are going by like a blur, it’s hard to remember when I did anything. Ah the days of summer.

Work has been exciting this week, I started some new side projects for the Golf Channel, as well as some foreign language follies in the lab.

Monday was the senior class BBQ, and it was aiight. Medium-small turnout and Maelstrom was there to play, nothing special. That night I also saw Signs with Mike, Jon, Ted, Caroline, Lacey, Samantha, Katie, and Jen. It was a good movie, and it had it’s funny moments too (props to tin foil.)

On Wednesday I attended a Beer Pong Tourney at Flem’s house and it was awesome. There were wild times all night.

Friday I went to Salisbury beach to eat tons of BBQ meat at Ms. Gabriel’s beach house. Some of the Theatre Guild gang also stopped by. Afterwards that night it was another party at Will’s- where you never know what’s going to happen. Tim spent all night hungry with the munchies and Ted and Will built an engineering monstrosity. Last night I went out with Eric to hang out in Nashua and I got some sweet headphones and found a good deal on a laptop. I also went to the dentist yesterday, I found out I have a cavity I keep on forgetting to fix, better make note to make another appointment.

Today is a very special day, I’m going to hang out with Natalie up on the North Shore.

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