by Patrick on February 22, 2004

Busy week. I had two shadows and some meetings. The shadows were cool, even though they occasinally wanted to sketch out and cause me more stress. The stress levels from working on the play, school work, and editing my Post Production project really brought me to new hieghts. I knew Thursday night was going to be a good release- Sean brought the six J’s into town. Each of us bought a bottle that began with J. I was John Walker (Red Label). Sean was Jack Daniels, Mike was Jim Beam, Dan was Jose, Nate was Jameson, and Joe was Jagermeister. The night was off to a wonderful start- til the point where the guys started singing Kid Rock- I knew this wasn’t going to a good place. The RA came and made all of us dump it- a good deal, which is all we got thanks to Kim. Anywho the group got pissed and we all sketched off for a while. I ran into Mary and we had a big heart to heart (while shitfaced). Let’s say that talk really didn’t help me out. But it ended up on a some what hopeful note. Friday night was a way better night for me. I got the groove going and I just chilled. That was after Mrs. Cochran and Chad visited me on campus- I gave them a tour with Becky. It was tres fun. Now I got today to catch up with all the work I need to do. I can’t wait for MHSDG this week- if I only knew what site I’m supervising!

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