House Sitting

by Patrick on August 21, 2004

So I was closing up at work today, and it’s raining like nobody’s business. The parking lot at the TV station flood a lot. So to say the least I expected some water. I step out there and my foot disappears in 4 inches of water. It was an intense feeling. So now my feet are wet. But I feel better cause I had pizza at home. I haven’t eaten in a long time. I’ve also not been home in a long time. I’m living a busy life before I move back to the ‘burg. Tuesday I went school shopping with Robin, we went out to dinner and I had the All-you-can-eat Riblets at Applebee’s. I’ve never ordered a all-you-can-eat dish at a restaurant. So I wanted to make the most of it. I got pretty ribbed out that night. I also got a tad messy. Wednesday I worked on the wedding video all day, and I did more of it on Thursday. Friday I went back to FSC to move my office to it’s new home on the 2nd floor. I like the new space, it’s going to rock . Friday I also went into the Billerica for some party action. Met lots of people. It was nice. Stayed there til 6 in the morning (not 8 like Jermaine Dupris would like). Snuck back into my house, kinda sucked since my parents locked more doors than usual. Took a nap then went to work. Read above to see what else happened after work. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t handle things like a normal person. Then again, I’m not a normal person. Some things were said last night that have the potential to make or break me for the next few weeks/months/life. I’m trying not to worry about it. I just wish I knew what to do. I just wish I knew what she was thinking. But I guess that’s the adventure of life. I like writing entries where only one person knows what I’m talking about. I like to think nobody reads this. Maybe I underrate my journal.

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