No Play And All Work

by Patrick on August 15, 2004

It’s hard to both work and play. There’s a shitload of stuff I should be doing. However I think it’s a waste of my summer to not hang out with people I know and love (i.e. my friends). So it’s a tough choice, to work all night and get things done or to hang out with friends. Just a little reflection for all you people out there. Last night Dave and I and the crew had a little scavenger hunt. We swiped quite a few things, and a Pizza restaurant ripped me off. Oh well that’s how you play the game. We also did lots of driving over speed bumps at Lowell Tech, quite exciting when you are in an SUV. Jen the Jeep does it again! On Tuesday I had dinner on a boat with Beth, Amy, Dave, Glenn, and others. It’s really nice to see MVP people outside of MVP. I’ve been working a lot of hours at BATV, thank god, I need the money really bad. Sometimes I think I sabotage my own interests. I’ll find myself searching for reasons not to be interested in somebody. It’s really weird. Unless some girl throws herself at me I’ll prolly never get the message.

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