Cabin Fever

by Patrick on October 10, 2004

Sometime Phil will tell me he’s going through “Cabin Fever”. Now I know what that feels like. I’ve spent most of this long weekend on campus- and it’s a desert island. I should be taking advantage to catch up on work, but instead I’ve been sleeping and watching movies. Played some whiffleball on Thursday- I’ve got to get into that some more. I’m very excited that the Red Sox are back in the ALCS… against the Yankees. I gotta tell ya though, the Red Sox gotta stop making all these games so dramatic. I don’t know how much I can take watching these games. Lots of great work getting done with the MHSDG Doc. Also got a cool faculty name tag this week- now I can look like I’m important on campus. I also got elected Vice-Chair of the All College Committee, making me a key player on campus politics. But then again, when wasn’t I? Sometimes I wish I had a normal love life. The women in my life are just crazy. All of them.

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