An Outlook On The Future

by Patrick on May 21, 2006

Well I did not come back from Atlantic City a winner. I got sick the second day I was out there- it seems that my antibiotics were to blame. I still had an ok time and there were some memories I will never forget. I found out that the Craps tables are a great time, I was up and down but I ended up down $40 when I left. I think I saw the most action on the trip than anyone. Trust me when I say I saw. Thanks Amy.

I was feeling better for Graduation. I was really excited to see everyone back on campus together. I ended up receiving way too many cords to handle on my gown- I was pimpin’ the Academic Honors. The President awarded me with a special Student Leadership award. It was totally cool, he mentioned Kim was coming to the campus next year and that the Pho legacy will continue. Oh boy. When it was time to line up to get out fake-diplomas, it was a real blur. Much like high school graduation I can’t really focus in on that moment I walked across the stage. I just took it, shook the President’s hand, hugged John Chetro-Szivos, walked off and hugged Lindsay and Marissa. I don’t remember much else. But now it’s done. I am a college graduate.

To celebrate we had a huge family dinner out at a local restaurant. It was a real good time. My extended family showed including some long lost cousins from Western Massachusetts. I know my parents are really proud of all awards I got that day; they were showing the huge thing to all my aunts and uncles. I am happy I could make them proud.

Today I did some shopping for the house and I had a drink with Bill, who moved to Hudson. Tomorrow is the 24 season finale, which I hope Phil can come up for.

In the end I stand on the edge of a new chapter in life, it feels a lot like it did when I graduated high school- except there’s no college to look to next. Sure there’s a rough plan of what’s next, but what is life going to really throw at me now?

Five years ago I wrote a letter to myself in the future. It was an English assignment that I apparently gave to my parents to keep. I did not remember what it was when my mom gave it to me. It was an interesting letter. It said I hope that by now I have graduated college and that I have taken a job in communications/media at a place where I have interned. How weird is that? It also told me what I thought was important then. It is very enlightening. I was definitely still a high schooler back then, wanting to fit in and such. But now I like to think I have changed a little. I have learned a lot up to now, more recently I have learned that I am proud of what I am, who I have become, and I will refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise. It is my philosophy to work hard, make others happy, and to treat others the way you expect to be treated. I have found some of the closest friends I will continue to have, and I have grown ever closer to my family. I think I am a little taller, a little wiser, and a little better looking.

Now is the start of another part of my life, I think it has great potential. There are new places to see, new friends to get to know, new experiences that will lead to new joys or new sorrows. I can’t wait.

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