Oh Yoko!

by Patrick on August 26, 2007

I walked out of the door to see that my car was not anywhere near my house. That’s when you know you had a great night last night. But first…

I took Marjorie to the Rangers/Orioles game on Tuesday. I got to see my fantasy baseball starter, Erik Bedard, pitch an excellent game (those 11 strikeouts will do nicely for my fantasy league.) He even broke a franchise record during our game. I have been on a roll of great baseball games it maybe my luck or maybe it maybe my company.

Talking about rolls I need to kickstart my productivity roll. I’m not falling off that horse yet.

Things can get busy now that I’ve started playing Kickball. Laura convinced Burak and I to join her team in the DC Lightning division. Our first game was this past Wednesday and it was a pretty fun time. It’s quite an interesting thought to join many other people drinking and playing games on the National Mall. I wasn’t that bad for someone that hasn’t played since middle school. I got a single on my first at-bat; however I did pull a muscle while kicking and running to first. The fun part was that it was my right gluteus maximus (aka my right ass.) I’m going to have to work on my lower body to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Well we won our first game and it was quite exciting (I found out that Laura’s team lost every game last season.) After the game we all went to Kelly’s Irish Times to partake in post-game Flip Cup. It was more crowded than usual apparently, another Kickball division was also at the bar. The basement was more crowded than a Sigma Pi cellar party at FSC.

On Friday I watched Man of the Year with Carolyn. It sounded like a cool movie but a lot of the jokes were pretty unoriginal. Also there was a major genre change in the middle of the film. Oh well, at least I’m waiting to watch Superbad next weekend. Judd Apatow is blowing up the film scene now- makes me wanna go watch Knocked Up.

Ok now to last night. So it was the Kickball season opening party at Mathatter and I meet up with Laura and Burak with my colleague Neal in tow. The party included free beer and cheap rail drinks all night long. That only means one thing. Trouble. So after several hours of drinking we decide to pile into a taxi and hit Adam’s Morgan. Our cabbie was blasting Dr Dre, Biggie, and T.I. and we were all singing along. What can I saw we were all drunk and like white people we sang to every word. It was quite the sight. Oh and imagine us riding and signing with Laura laying across us in the backseat- because we were trying to fit four into the cab. Quality. So we arrive on 18th and Neal brings us to a place we need to check out- Dan’s Cafe. We arrive and I ask Neal which bar it is- he points to a boarded up building that looks like it’s more condemned than open for business. That is just the start. I walk in and I’m greeted with a smell that I can only describe as urinal- very urinal. The lighting is beyond dank and there’s a silent TV mounted into the far back wall. Besides that, fake plants hanging from the ceiling and an aging jukebox make up the decor of the slum. The plants looked so old they looked dead- and they are fake plants. The bar was a mashup of bathroom tile and wood, but behind it was the answer to why I was standing in this ghetto fabulous place. Liqour. Lots of Liqour. The bar had no taps, but instead it had shelves upon shelves of small bottles of liquor. Sizes ranged from small nips to larger fifths. I saw patrons ordering drinks and receive the following: a larger glass filled with the liquor of your choice (it usually takes an entire fifth to fill it), a can/bottle of whatever mixer you request, a bucket of ice, and as many glasses as you need to mix all this stuff yourself. All of this for only $10. I saw this happen and I knew this place was going to be trouble.

After enjoying a couple of drinks my roommates and I realized it’s that time- time to get back home before we get into any more trouble. So we all share a cab back to Cleveland Street and we proceed to drink even more. Oh we were going to have a fun night. How much fun? I ended up in my basement with Burak and Laura in a jam session. Burak was playing guitar, Laura was playing the keyboard and for some reason I was playing the drums. I don’t play the drums. But apparently I knew how. I really don’t know how to play the drums but it was fun to play anywho. I think we were playing for an hour or two before I somehow ended up back in my bed. An end to a quite adventurous night.
Now if I only knew how to play the drums when I’m sober…

  • teege

    we did not lose every game. we won at least 1, potentially 2.

  • teege

    also, Dan’s cafe is one of my favorite bars in DC because of the ridiculous ambiance. However, as an end of the night bar, it was a poor decision.

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