Late Night Jumbo Slice

by Patrick on March 2, 2008

pizza_martIn my two years of living in the DC area there few definitively DC things that I haven’t done. One of them is the late night jumbo slice. Pizza Mart in Adam’s Morgan is the place to line up after your drunken haze in a club or bar. For a few dollars you receive the biggest slice of pizza you’ll ever see. It’s so big you have to fold it over several times, creating a makeshift calzone of grease and cheese. Seeing how a slice of pizza of that size cannot possibly be good for you. Of course after a night of heavy drinking- it’s the least of your problems. I was actually kind of proud that I haven’t given into this Washington DC vice… until last night.

So there I was sitting in the middle of a plaza by the intersection of Columbia and 18th- chomping away at the holy grail of pizza. After reflecting on how the night started- it was only a recipe for the pizza binge I gave into at 3 AM.

It was going to be a big night from the start. Caitlin’s friend from Michigan just flew in for a week stay and I was getting calls from former roommates, co-workers, and friends asking what was my plan for the night. The pieces were in place for a night that could easily top last weekend’s adventure.

We all decided to pre-game before going out and it easily went into overtime. That’s when you know it’s going to be a crazy night- when it gets crazy before you even leave home.

We first started on U-Street and the plan was to work our way to Adam’s Morgan and hopefully meet with Laura and her friends… of course that never happened.

We first stopped at Solly’s U Street Tavern, which made the best drinks I’ve ever had- almost as good as Dan’s Cafe. But then again I don’t know what could top Dan’s Cafe.

Carolyn met up with us and she came with a new friend she made at PRSSA. Soon it was off to my usual U Street stomping ground- Local 16.

We all enjoyed some dancing until Carolyn’s friend, I think her name was Kristen, whispers into my ear, “Do you know a place with better music?” That’s my cue to leave my friends. So we branched off to go do a different scene.

We ended up at Grand Central where we had a nice night, albeit a nasty encounter with an overbearing bouncer almost ruined it. Kristen and I went outside for a smoke and the bouncer gave us a hard time about getting back in. During this altercation, I turn around and see all my roommates chasing after Adam in an unrelated act of debauchery- that’s when you know it’s a crazy night.  After retrieving our coats, we made the decision to get big slices of pizza.
So there I was at the end of the night eating pizza with a lady by my side. So what were we to do at 3 AM? We did what R Kelly would do and headed for the hotel lobby.

I would say it was a night to remember- or maybe not remember.

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