International Foodfare

by Patrick on August 6, 2008

I love food. I always have. But now that I live in such an ethnically diverse area it’s been a transformation of the cuisine I have access to now. Mangia Mangia and Tiki Tiki have been replaced with more worldly choices.

023012500887Sushi – My sushi loving days goes back to my days at Ithaca. Phil introduced me to two great things I’ve come to love: Sushi and the 24 hour supermarket. Many nights that summer we would be up and make 2 AM runs to Wegmans where for the first time I tried Sushi. I love how it’s not in a Sushi restaurant- or even those Chinese food buffets that serve Sushi- my first time with the raw fish was thanks to a supermarket deli counter. I have to say it was amazing nonetheless. Today I still primarily get my Sushi at Harris Teeter- the local 24 hour Supermarket. However there are some places I love in DC including Wok and Roll, Endo Sushi, Kutobuki, and I absolutely love the lunchtime sushi buffet at Matsutake Hibachi Steak & Sushi.

Thai - First time I had Thai was in Boston with Patrick Mongeau. Years later it becomes the first lunch I had while working at TMG. I’ll eat Thai occasionally but I do enjoy ordering from Sawatdee by my office.

Indian – For the longest time I always wanted to try the local fare at Delhi Dhaba which neighbored the local Subway. I finally gave in one day and now I can’t help but think about hitting up the Sunday brunch buffet there every Sunday.

dukem-thumbEthiopian – One of my friends suggested that Ethiopian food has to be the “in” thing to do now a days. I have to agree with her, when I moved down here eating out at Ethiopian restaurants was the cool thing to say. I decided to join the cool crowd last month when I finally tried some of the stuff at Dukem. It’s interesting cuisine with the spongy bread but it’s only ok.

Mediterranean – This is the latest and greatest cuinsine I am into. It’s reaplced Sushi as my weekly go to on weekends. Laura took me a a Kabob place one late night and I was hooked. I often get take out at nearby Astor which just opened down the street from my house. It’s so good!

UPDATE: There’s another essential weekend item I need to add: Peruvian Chicken. I love the stuff ever since I tried El Pollo Rico and I’ve since added that and Crisp and Juicy to my regular weekend menu.

Well all this talk of food would make me hungry- but alas I can’t eat because tomorrow I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled. More on the horror later.

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