Obama/Biden 2008

by Patrick on August 24, 2008

Did your phone go off?

At 3 AM yesterday tons of phones were sent messages that read:

obamatext2_080822_mn“Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee. Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live at 3pm ET on www.BarackObama.com. Spread the word!”

The Obama campaign said they would send out a text message when Obama picks a running mate.

Well he didn’t failed to deliver, however the his text message was trumped by a e-mail I got from CNN the night before. The news was leaked just a tad too early- still I thought the idea to first announced it officially via text message was cool.

ap_obama_biden_195_eng_23auI read up a little on Joe Biden and my initial thoughts are that he is a good complement to Obama and it is interesting to see Obama go with a more experienced VP. Like Dick Cheney it’s hard to see Biden at 73 running for President in 2016, so he seems like someone to help Obama get elected now- and hopefully the Democrats will find the next guy to run in 8 years.

I heard his speech yesterday and he is a strong orator:

Ok now on to the fun!

A lot of things happened this week that you’ll have to wait for later posts. My office had their fantasy football draft and I’ll be writing about that next week. Preparing for the draft had me thinking about a new idea I’ve been thinking about that you’ll read about next week as well.

Ian is back in town for a last semester over at American and we went out to catch up and watch Tropic Thunder.The film was really entertaining, I personally had no problems with the current controversy over blackface and it’s portrayal of the mentally challenged. I was pleasantly surprised with Tom Cruise‘s small role in the film as film executive Les Grossman. I was staring into the balding, slightly overweight executive and I recognized the Tom Cruise face. I geeked out a little in the theatre.

Last night I went out with Melissa to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was shown outside at Strathmore on the green. I’ve said before that I don’t have anything against the books and the films- I just never got around to read it and get into it. Seeing the film has made me wonder a little bit more about the series- enough to read the books and watch the films? Maybe down the line. Luckily Melissa is somewhat of an expert and filled in key details while we weren’t people watching the crowd in front of us.

Well it’s going to be a short but busy week- Thursday I’ll fly back home for some business but more importantly, Rebecca’s wedding. Can’t wait to see all my friends back home!

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