My Car Has Illegitimate Kids

by Patrick on September 8, 2008

I swear my car gets around.

It’s the only reason why I see so many other ’94 Toyota Corollas out on the road. I doubt back in the 90′s buying tans Corollas was the thing to do besides wearing Neon clothes and listening to New Kids On The Block.

I do know it’s a regional thing- I only see twins of my car when I am driving around here in DC and Virginia- when I take the car back up to New England my car is one of a kind (in more ways than one.) It makes sense since this was formally my late grandmother’s car which she bought down here.

So every time I drive around down here I am pretty much guaranteed to drive next to or park next to a car that looks just like mine.

This past week I drove up to Montgomery County to pick up some things from Sara and Ryan. I park my car in the parking lot of their apartment building:


After parking my car I turn around and notice that my car has cloned itself:


Maybe I was experiencing an anomaly inside the Matrix and I was about to get ambushed by Agent Smith. I was extra careful walking to the apartment.

After picking up my stuff I walk back and notice a third car:


Only more proof that I may drive the most mundane car in the DC Metro area. I should get a cooler looking car. I might have walked to the wrong car but luckily I know mine has the ghetto Wal-Mart rims. At least my car is more pimp than the other three.


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