Finding The Third Place: Murky Coffee

by Patrick on October 16, 2008


This past Friday I had the day off so I decided to try and catch up on some blog posts.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to check out a place that has come highly recommended- Murky Coffee.

When I walked in, I felt like the stereotypical yuppie that goes out to use free WiFi. The place has developed quite the following and even though it was 2:30 PM the front section was already full of glasses and laptops. Luckily I too brought my glasses and laptop in an effort to fit in with the locals. I also brought my blazer which gave me an extra yuppie look.

1447513403_1e4c132aa7_oThe coffee shop probably makes great coffee- but I wouldn’t know, I haven’t ordered coffee in the few times I’ve visited. The reason is mostly because most of the time I visit, I am looking for more WiFi and less coffee. On this visit I purchased a bottle of water.

The wait staff wore the typical black outfits with some red accents- apprently they are trying to match the colors of the establishment. The staff was friendly and buzzing about local bands that are probably indie, punk, or a combanation of the two.

2353912488_1d006cc183_oI took a seat in the backroom where there was additional tables, chairs, and couches of questionable origin. The whole place looks like it was furnished at the nearby Goodwill. It works at giving it a broken in and non-conformist feel, much different from the Paneras and Caribous of the area. There is also a second floor but it was closed on this particular visit.

I actually enjoyed pulling out my laptop and getting to work- however I would of enjoyed the open transparancy of working in the front store area, or maybe even outside.

464261225_0065316fb2_bWhat is it about going to a third place that makes you feel social when you are doing things very anti-social? It’s like driving a nice car- you want to exude one thing (I’m rich!) while you are probably exuding the opposite (I’m an asshole!). Am I one of those people that wants to sit down and silently scream, “LOOK! I’m so cool because I’m writing a screenplay or blogging about a funny thing that happened while I was grocery shopping!” I hope not, but maybe I secretly am.

Overall Murky Coffee has the stereotypical feel that you would expect from a place you’d want to go to be really artsy and write a screenplay. However it’s clearly the most popular place in the area to do so, and that kinda turns me off if I can’t find a place to sit, also the hours aren’t the best for my late night lifestyle.

But maybe next time I have a random day off during the week- I may stop by for a muffin and a table.

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