I Need A Drink

by Patrick on October 11, 2008

Microsoft Word - Document1My next and final wedding of 2008 is happening this weekend.

If you’ve read my blog, you might be able to see that my go-to Rum and Coke isn’t working for me anymore.

Since this final wedding bash is another open bar, I’m looking for another go-to drink to order.

This reminds me a bit like my co-worker Clarence, who picks one drink to enjoy for the year then chooses another for the next year.

I think I need to retire the Rum & Coke (and Jack & Coke) and take up a new drink for 2009.

So what will that be? The big thing is I want to avoid the caffine risk that comes with anything and Coke. Tonight I went out with Rebecca, Adam, and Mattie and they suggested some drinks to try out this weekend:

Besides my friends’ suggestions, I am trying to think of some other drinks I can enjoy:

Well it appears that I have a good base of drinks to choose from- but I want to know if my readers have any suggestions?

  • Amanda

    The Cape-Codder was my go-to drink when I was studying abroad in London and then my senior year of college. I think it’s basically all I drank.

    I like vanilla vodka and Coke, but you said you want to stay away from Coke. Try a Whiskey Sour. I’ve never had it, but I like Midori Sours. White Russians I can’t drink anymore because it’s too much cream/milk and hurts my stomach. I don’t really drink anymore so I can’t offer any great suggestions. Sorry!

  • Kristen

    ciroc & lemonade – that’s what diddy drinks!

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