More Republican Hotties

by Patrick on October 13, 2008

cnn100808144452I may be a democrat- but I am equal opportunity when it comes to women I think are hot.

And Meghan McCain is one of them.

I was sitting at work on Wednesday watching CNN while they were covering a McCain rally. I easily identified John McCain with running mate (and republican hottie) Sarah Palin. Who I didn’t recognize was the blonde standing behind him to his left. I didn’t know about John McCain’s kids so after some research I figured out it was his 24 year old daughter, Megahan McCain.

She his working the campaign trailer with him, blogging along the way on her blog- McCain Blogette and has a penchant for beer according to GQ.

She sounds pretty much like any other ordinary girl my age, amazingly not the daughter I’d expect from John McCain. I may be voting for Obama but I’d go out to dinner with her anytime!


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