A Few Old Friends

by Patrick on December 30, 2008

160687081_e0a360a186_oIt’s a routine that I’ve become more than accustomed to. Reconnecting with friends.

Thanks to an unusually high number of trips back home this year (mostly due to business) I have realized two things:

  1. When I come home I intend on seeing all my friends back home
  2. I never have time to see all of my friends back home

As much as I try and plan ahead of time, there’s just not enough time in the world for me to see everyone I’d like to see. There are a few friends that I’m extremely close to that I will prioritize but sometimes I’m not even able to see them if the schedules don’t match up. So it goes without saying there will be some friends that will think I’m a deadbeat but the truth of the matter is I try to see as many people as I can. For instance I realized while scheduling time for friends over Christmas that friends I saw over Thanksgiving were not going to make my calendar.

Am I too popular or am I too ambitious with my time home? I’m too much of a geek to be popular so I’ll say I’m over ambitious.

I had lunch last Monday with Patrick at Fishbones, a local seafood place I’ve been tying to try. The broiled selections were pretty good- I have to go back and get the fried platter. Of course at the time I was trying to eat somewhat well- the holidays are bound to kill me with all the terrible eating I’ve been up to. It was great to catch up with Patrick- every time I see him I hear about the latest chapter of his life journey.

Tuesday I shared another meal with an old high school friend, this time it was breakfast with Jimmy. I haven’t really seen him probably since our high school reunion last year. It was good to hear that he was finishing up Paramedic classes and preparing for his next step. Later that night I had the annual dinner with Tessa, Phil, and Jen. We went out to Not Your Average Joes where we all ordered burgers- however mine was extra messy. I also have to say the bread there was really good. After our usual catch up on various issues from dating to jobs we somehow ended up watching Tessa’s birthday video, a DVD that we somehow watch every time we get together.

It appears that I’ve decided to center all my encounters with friends through food. On Christmas Eve I had lunch with OC and we had our regular gossip session and catch-up. Colleen is one of the few friends I never see very often but always enjoy hearing from when I do- we always have stories to exchange and people to talk about. I spent the rest of my Christmas Eve putting up the tree with my siblings.

2890049665_bbf0c2a129Christmas itself came and went rather uneventfully. I slept in, took family photos, and opened gifts. For some reason I felt like I had a really bland gift list this year. A lot of the things I wanted were appliances for my new home and replacements for items I’ve lost in the past year. While I got a lot of the things I asked for- not all the items were exactly what I wanted so I still have a lot of exchanging to do. After a family dinner at Life Care Center (where my grandmother is living) the siblings and I went out to see a movie. We settled on Valkyrie- an interesting film to watch on the day Christ was born.

The day after Christmas I had a big night out with Nicole- we met up with some of her friends over at Hennessy’s where we enjoyed a happy hour with Jeff Fraser’s cover duo- Me and Julio. Apparently Nicole and her friends are regulars and got tables right in the front, and received lots of love from the entertainment. I even somehow got pulled in as well and Jeff called me a “ladies man” for being surrounded by so many girls. Of course my new title for the night become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I received a tap on my shoulder and I was confronted with a very good looking teacher who insisted I had to dance with her. Well I couldn’t of said no.


After the happy hour we followed Jeff to his next gig- with a band called Spike The Punch over at the Green Dragon Tavern. What was weird was that a lot of the people I saw at the happy hour also followed… along with the teachers from Walpole.


A long night out and I found myself once again sleep deprived enough for the ride back to DC; however this time I had a buddy. On my way back I stopped in Worcester to pick up Corey who is spending the week sightseeing in DC. Ten hours later we arrived back home but we weren’t resting anytime soon. It was Saturday night and I wanted to show Corey what DC was all about- so I took her to Adams Morgan.

Now I hoped to show her the typical Adams Morgan chaos but I was surprised to see that the neighborhood was amazingly empty. I took her to The Reef which was almost dead compared to the lines that usually build up on a Saturday night. I ran into Texas Pete and he told me he just came from Chinatown where the scene was similar. It looks like all of DC was gone for the holidays. Well with the traffic quieter than usual I took advantage and breezed in and out several places in DC including Ventnor’s and the ever shady Dan’s Cafe. It’s weird that even though I only visit Ventnor’s once every few months- they always know who I am- the guy with the awesome last name. The Vietnamese bartender I knew is gone now but I guess my legacy continues.

Sunday Corey and I went to the Maple Leafs/Capitals game and today we did visited Zoo Lights with Carrie.

Now that we are all caught up I’m going to hit the bed- lots to do before New Years, stay tuned for the Year In Review!

  • Amanda

    I’m so glad you got to see Spike the Punch! They are so good, aren’t they? I’ve never seen Me and Julio, I don’t think. Actually, now that I think about it, I might have. I have a feeling a lot of their fans are regulars of their gigs. Glad you had such a good time back in MA and got to see so many of your friends!

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