Fantasy Football: Football Championships

by Patrick on December 21, 2008

untitled-1It’s no longer crunch time.

It’s championship time.

I am now deep into the playoffs in all my leagues- and today I will be playing the Championship game of my TMG Sportsline league.

When playoffs come around players often have a decision to make: do you start the players you’ve been using all season or do you consider picking up someone off the waiver wire that might help you out more?

Usually you play to win but now you have reached the final game people are often nervous about using players off the wire that may be better choices than the players on your team.

I had to make a number of choices like those as we enter Week 16:

TMG Sportsline League (12-3)

Pho Sho. vs Caroline’s Crew

Coming into last night I had a tough choice: Tony Romo or Tyler Thigpen? At the beginning of the season it was a choice nobody would ever thought would come up but Thigpen has managed to look good enough to warrant this question. Romo was set to go up against a tough Ravens defense and Thigpen, whom I recently picked up to backup Romo, would be home against a Dolphins team that is not good or bad, but would be a better matchup. Romo is a stud, and as I wrote before and you have to start your studs. However he’s shown that he’s not good against tough defenses and Baltimore’s D is itself a stud.

The choice was made for me as I drove back home from DC. I didn’t make it to a computer and the Saturday Night Ravens/Cowboys game started with me leaving Romo on the bench. As I saw that in the first quarter he only had a handful of yards and an interception I was beginning to feel like I made the right choice. At the end of the night he’d end up with about 252 yards and 2 TDs thanks to some last minute drives. Will those 18 points come back to haunt me as I play Caroline in the league championship? Will Tyler Thigpen perform and make me look like a fantasy genius? We will see today.

Yahoo! League (9-4-1)

Pho Shizzle vs. Falkor’s Misfits

Different league, same quarterback question- I also own Romo and Thigpen in this league. However I left Romo active in this league and I benefited from his performance. No many other questions here, I started the season rather thin at running back but thanks to picking up Ryan Grant and Pierre Thomas I have some great flex options for this week. This week I’m playing Falkor and whoever wins goes to the Championship game.

Diet Yahoo! League (9-5)

Donte’s $37 Million vs. ChrisIsaTrannyName

Last week I wrote about how fitting it would be if Brian Westbrook scored no points when I finally start him after he scores billions of points on my bench. Well that’s exactly what happened. I lost the first game of my playoffs by 4 points thanks to a single point game from him and I now battle this week for 3rd place. It only makes sense. Well this week I make another tough decision with my studs. As I write this I am about to bench my start quarterback Kurt Warner. Outside my window here in Massachusetts it is snowing and has been all weekend. With snow and rain fore casted for the game in Foxboro, it doesn’t look like Warner will be throwing much or effectively. Plus I really don’t want to root against the Patriots by any means. Now watch him throw 3 TDs. Also guess who I have as my #2 quarterback- you guessed it, Tyler Thigpen.

Who knew that I would be counting on a guy name Tyler Thigpen to win my playoff games?

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