25 Things Proves That Memes Will Never Die

by Patrick on January 31, 2009

98545593_70ddbb62de_bWhen I was in school I would often get chain e-mails from friends (and non-friends.) They came in all sorts of different colors and shapes and often begged you to forward them to a number of people or risk being alone forever or bad luck for the next century. Pretty big threats to conduct such a harmless action. By playing on our fears and superstitions, these e-mails propagate themselves throughout the interwebs like a giant game of hot potato. Makes me want to grab a certificate for breaking chain letters so I can stop them once and for all.

There are also those forwards that contain funny photos, jokes, or maybe even a video (be careful about opening those at work- you never know what your friends’ sense of humor is like.) I can’t forget those “petitions” that get forwarded because we believe they are going to start charging for Facebook or that they are going to close down AOL Instant Messenger. There are also the “surveys” that people fill out, things like favorite color and first kiss. We hate filling out forms whether it’s at the DMV or at the doctor’s office- so why do we relish filling out 100 questions in an e-mail? Most blame boredom at work, some want to forward them to their closest friends and “that person that sent it to you.” The latter hope that they receive random information from their friends later, in an easy to ready format. It kinda takes the work out of friendship- just e-mail me your details so I don’t have to learn them through years of hanging out.

Of course are we really going to remember these details? I still often forget that some of my friends are vegetarians and others like the TV show Lost. I was friends with Wendi for a year, always confused if she was Jewish or not (I knew she went to Brandeis but I totally thought she told me she wasn’t.)

So the chain letters and the surveys stopped coming into my inbox, it got way too old for us. However surveys still run rampant on MySpace and LiveJournal, but they are mostly posted by those still in high school.

So I have to say that I have noticed that there’s been a Facebook meme spreading throughout my social network. 25 Things has shown up in the majority of my friends notes for the past two weeks. The meme instructs you to: “write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, confessions, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.”

It’s the same ol’ tricks but new platform. While we may not know everyone’s e-mail- we certainly have lots of friends on Facebook.

Now here’s the hypocritical part, while I just spent most of my post ranting about them I am about to share with you 25 things about myself. I don’t usually fill out surveys but this one isn’t asking for my favorite color.

My recent writings on PostSecret has shown me that we are living in a society yearning for openness. We want to share more about ourselves in a search to know the “real” in people.

So allow me to share with you a few rare things about myself.

And yes I’m going to tag some people on this blog- but just the ones that tagged me on theirs.

25 Things About Patrick

  1. I believe nobody reads this blog- thus I feel totally comfortable with sharing the following facts.
  2. When I spent the weekend doing nothing I feel like I’m missing out by not going out.
  3. I hate it when friends/roommates/co-workers leave my life, I am secretly afraid that people I like hanging out with in DC are all going to leave me and I’ll have to start over by myself again.
  4. I’ve pretty much never had a girlfriend, that doesn’t mean I don’t go out with girls- I’ve just never had a girlfriend.
  5. I secretly like to obnoxiously drive in my shitty car with my bass turned up.
  6. I’ve always felt like my appearance wasn’t good enough but now I want to tell people to suck it.
  7. I know I am going to achieve great things and I haven’t stopped working to make that happen.
  8. The biggest reason I go to so many sporting events is because I want to make sure all my friends have a chance to enjoy the Suite as much as I do.
  9. I feel like I’ve wasted my day if I get up after 10 AM.
  10. I have so many video projects I’d love to work on but I lack the discipline to hole myself in my room to finish them all.
  11. Every week I will eat Sushi or Kabobs at least once.
  12. Every day I try and drink my 8 glasses of water, it leads to lots of bathroom breaks.
  13. When I go out with Rebecca and Adam I can be often found smoking when drinking- what can I say I’m still peer pressurable.
  14. I love playing fantasy football and fantasy baseball.
  15. Something happened to me in middle school that will probably forever influence the way I communicate with people.
  16. I would love to improve at the following casual activities: bowling, billiards, poker.
  17. I get a haircut at the top of every month, you don’t want to see my hair grow out.
  18. I first started to grow out my facial hair in the winters due to a compliment by a Vice-President at my workplace.
  19. I chase girls I shouldn’t chase.
  20. I live by the golden rule- I treat all my friends the way I would like to be treated.
  21. Back in middle school Rebecca stereotyped my type of girl and she’s been right ever since.
  22. I get really girly songs stuck in my head- right now it’s Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”
  23. I write for three blogs and I might add a fourth. It’s a real chore sometimes but I enjoy writing my thoughts- and I often laugh that I’ve gone from a C student in English to avid blogger.
  24. I am a news geek- I have it on at work all day.
  25. I’ve never been in love.
  • http://noticedfromnorthwest.wordpress.com/ NoticedFromNorthwest

    I finally got sucked into this today as well. Interesting how it is not only ubiquitous on FB, but is now making the leap over to quite a few blogs.

    Your #9 is definitely one I should have included.

  • Melanie

    The thing I have found interesting about the facebook meme is: Since it is a very public forum, most people write things that most of their readers know already, or at least things that they are not afraid to share with their imagined audience.

    There was a simliar meme going around flickr, it was 16 things and you had to post a self-portrait. All of the posts that I read on there had much more in-depth information. It could be the shorter survey, the trust of the artistic community or the fact of the much smaller audience. The difference was huge for such a similar exercise.

    (yes I have a flickr, and I posted 16 things there. It’s visible to my flickr friends only. If you were my friend on flickr you could see it. I would not post the same info in Facebook.)

  • Mike

    I think this goes around in High School so much because these things were ways to secretly tell the people you had a crush on about yourself sort of thing. I would also like to note that I don’t think its a secret that you drive around with the bass bumpin. I can picture you casually looking around making sure there are no gangsters nearby before you flip the switch.

  • http://lustyreader.wordpress.com Page Turner

    I am posting to prove #1 isn’t true and to agree with #13, they are too fun to say no to!

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