Oscar Watch: The Reader

by Patrick on February 9, 2009

1331030532_8287698648In Titanic we were introduced to Kate Winslet’s breasts, in The Reader we get to know them a little bit better. Those were my thoughts as I watched the numerous love scenes of the post-WWII drama the majority of which shows Winslet in the nude.  She plays a mid-thirties train conductor who has an affair with Michael Berg (David Kross), a young teenager. The affair is centered around daily visits where Michael reads to Hannah before and after love-making. Hannah, a secret illiterate, is absolutely fascinated with literature. While comparisons to Harold & Madue, cross my mind, there’s more to The Reader than bagging the ultimate cougar.

Both Hannah and Michael (later played by Ralph Fiennes) hold the cards close to the hand. Hannah goes to great lengths to hide her secret of illiteracy while Michael struggles to communicate with his family, friends, and Hannah. Both lives ultimately find peace after both find ways to come out in the open with the world. The plot is as deep as the characters, exploring issues of guilt, communication, and post-Nazi Germany.

1333574756_4791006417The film is nominated for 5 Oscars including Best Film, Directing, Adapted Screenplay, and Cinematography. Winslet’s performance as Hannah earned an Oscar nomination for Best Lead Actress and I think that the nomination is well earned.

The Reader is certainly a thinker and it left me with lots to think and talk about. Has anyone else seen this film yet?

  • http://bluejena.livejournal.com Jena

    I think she won a BAFTA for it last night…

  • KPho

    Yea, I saw that movie and it left me thinking for weeks.

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