Getting Dirty In The Backyard

by Patrick on April 23, 2009

Before I went out to that rehearsal, I was in my room with Nicole when I got a knock at the door. My roommate Sarah came up to tell me that she got her truck stuck in the backyard.


The truck was stuck in our driveway behind two cars and she tried to drive around house through the backyard- a move that’s worked before however she miscalculated the fact it has been raining for two straight days, turning the yard into a mud sinkhole.



First Mike and I tried to push it but to no avail. That truck was stuck in the mud.


I then tried to hump the truck but that didn’t work either.

Sarah had to call AAA and a tow truck ran a line out and pulled it out.

So I hope all you out there remember not to take you truck into the backyard after it rains. It’s bad news.

  • f.B

    I think you had mud in your tires.

    Ok, ok. So I forced in a My Cousin Vinny reference.

  • Patrick

    Aw man I never saw that film. I’m sheltered. Going to LiLu’s BBQ?

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  • LiLu

    Okay, first of all, Humping is always the FIRST course of action. It was probably offended you didn’t try that first.

    • Patrick

      Oh LiLu,

      You might be on to something- but it wasn’t my truck, it was my rooommate’s truck. I feel that I had to take it out to dinner first before any moves are made.

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