The Crash Album

by Patrick on April 18, 2009

2538354004-1Today Nicole and I will be driving down to Charlottesville to see Dave Matthews Band for the 33rd time. So I thought I’d post a quick link to a remix album I was sent on Thursday. DJ Moondance has remixed Jay-Z with the stylings of DMB and called it The Crash Album. It’s pretty cool so I encourage you to check it out!

  • Katie

    Wow. Pretty cool. I heard a mix of “Crash” (just DMB, no one extra added) once when I was in college…I wonder if it was this same guy who did it.

  • LiLu


  • f.B

    I’d heard of The Beatles mix (Grey Album by Danger Mouse, right?). And I have the Linkin Park mash. I’ll check this out.

  • Patrick

    Katie – I’m glad I’m helping you discover some new DMB sounds…

    LiLu – I got you beat girl!

    f.B – Ya I’ve heard of the Grey Album too, if you are down with the HOVA then it’s pretty cool.

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  • Len

    What a great remix…adds an interesting dimension to DMB. They are playing in Chicago this summer if you want a road trip for concert #34.

  • Patrick

    Len- I’d love a road trip but I have spent more than enough money already… maybe soon though, I need to head west to see DMB soon.

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