A Hangover Road Trip In The Country

by Patrick on July 1, 2009

Thanks to all the travel I did last year, I earned a free weekend car rental with National. I redeemed it earlier this month and Wendi and I went on a road trip to see The Hangover in Fredericksburg. Why Fredericksburg? It was where the closest Sonic was!

Chervolet Malibu Cluster

Plenty of fuel take to us from DC to the country and back!

Z-Burger in Tenleytown

On the way to Wendi's I saw the new Z-Burger, which I later checked out.

A&F in Georgetown

This place always smell like high school teenage awkwardness.

Traffic on I-95

Traffic on I-95 never a good time

Pandora on my Blackberry

However hooking up Pandora to your car's stereo is!

Central Park Mall in Fredericksburg

Have you seen this many stores in a mall? That's Fredericksburg for you- the oasis in the middle of nowhere!

Wawa in Fredericksburg

If I wasn't already going to Sonic for dinner, this would of been a great runner-up.

Sonic in Fredericksburgh

Sonic is amazing.

Sonic menu in Fredericksburg

So many choices...


The onion rings taste like french toast I swear!


I was starving after the movie...


A great road trip!

  • Nicole

    I told you they taste like french toast! SO AMAZING!!! I’ll get my fix tomorrow :)

  • http://justjp.wordpress.com justjp

    A sonic trip is always worth it!

  • http://www.alwaysanortherner.com The Northerner

    OMG I miss sonic so much! We had one right around the corner from our place in NC. So dangerous.

  • http://francobeans.com f.B

    You are one of three people I know who have actually been to a Sonic. You are all my idols.

  • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

    JustJP: It is that’s what the whole trip was really about!

    The Northerner: You are right, as long as it’s far away it’s worth the indulgence- how often did you go in NC?

    f.B: This is it- we are going to Sonic this summer!

  • http://www.ihatesomuch.com Maxie

    I still love the smell of a&f, even if it’s cliche. It smells like hot models all oiled up together. Not that I know what that smells like…

  • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

    I don’t know if it smells like oiled up models… but they sales people could double for them…

  • http://aliceblogs.blogspot.com Alice

    haha, i love that you rented a car and went all the way to f’burg for sonic. that is AWESOME.

    f.B. – add me to your list of people who’ve had sonic pls ;-)

  • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

    Alice we are members of an elite club. A club that f.B. wants to join, what do we make him do to enter the club?

  • http://anonymissindc.wordpress.com Chrissy

    I just have to say that that humongous shopping conglomerate in Fredericksburg kind of scared me when I went to it. It’s HUGE. It’s like one strip mall after another; I kept waiting to reach the end of the earth! How the hell long did it take them to build that thing, and dare I ask, what was there BEFORE it?
    .-= Chrissy´s last blog ..Verizon WIRELESS makes me hostile =-.

  • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

    Before I believe there were cows. Lots of cows. Now there’s just Wal-Marts. Lots of Wal-Marts.

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