What’s Your Walk-Up Music?

by Patrick on July 29, 2009

I took in a lot of baseball last week, first at the Cubs/Nationals game with Sarah from Was It For This and we saw something no person should ever see:


Covering Your Ass FAIL.


I also went this past Sunday’s Padres/Nationals game with the MoCo crew to celebrate Sarah’s birthday/Sarah & Falkor’s farewell. It was quite the game, after the Nationals lost the lead in the 9th with two outs left, Austin Kearns hit a walk-off single in extra innings to end the ball game. That’s right, that Nationals won. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again, so I snapped a photo:


Another Curly "W" for the Nats!

Anyways with all the ball games I’ve been to, I’ve been thinking about some of the nuances of the game, more specifically the walk-up music.

Now Adam Dunn has a cool walk-up song: Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight. Everytime I hear it at the game I can’t help but think of a memorable scene from The Hangover:

“It’s my favorite part.”

Also memorable on the Nats: Anderson Hernandez who walks up to Lilu‘s favorite diddy.

Besides WWE, there aren’t many other sports where the players get a theme song every time they come up to play.

But what if we got our own songs, little clips that would play when you entered a meeting or when you walk up to your desk. It’s like a little song to pump you up or your imaginary audience, something to get you going for the day.

If you had to pick a song to be your walk-up song what would it be?

  • http://www.4sportboston.com Craiggaaaaaa

    “There’s One in Every Crowd” by Montgomery Gentry. (See 4SportBoston podcast #2)
    .-= Craiggaaaaaa´s last blog ..The Stove’s Getting Hot =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      True – we’ll have to talk about it on Sunday.

  • http://www.thepqnation.com/dcprincess PQ

    Bad Reputation. Hands down.

    And um. I wanna go to a baseball game with you. Just sayin. Pfft.
    .-= PQ´s last blog ..Unplugging to Breathe =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      *adds another blogger to the list. Done.

  • http://justjp.wordpress.com justjp

    Dude, we will so have to hit up a game soon!

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      * adds two more bloggers to the list- done.

  • http://blog.thepixelkitchen.net ajw_93

    dude, why haven’t we been to another game? much beer drinking has been missed.

    I’d use something by Live – maybe the “Lakini’s Juice” or “Dam at Otter Creek” intro riffs (if I could hold back from actively headbanging) depending on my mood. Or something by Too Much Joy, like “Sort of Haunted House”. Hm, all these songs have quiet-ish intro riffs that break out into pogo-like guitar. Trend?
    .-= ajw_93´s last blog ..Wednesday Cat Blogging – July 22, 2009 =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Oh these are good choices- I could use a hard guitar riff to walk into.

  • http://www.alwaysanortherner.com The Northerner

    Pump It Up! It’s a techno/dance song, and my girlfriends and I use to play when we would head downtown in college.
    .-= The Northerner´s last blog ..The Good, Bad, and Ugly =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      I’ve heard of that one- not that bad.

  • http://francobeans.com f.B

    It would have to be something with tons of swag, which I pretend I have. Like, Lupe Fiasco’s “Pressure” or Kanye’s “Glory.”
    .-= f.B´s last blog ..so we meet again =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Swag? Like Swagga like us?

  • http://capslove.wordpress.com Dazey

    The most awesome song to get people excited is Twilight Zone by 2 Ultimate. It would be my homage to the Caps, since they play that song at hockey games for power plays.
    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ-OU-MtU7w&feature=player_embedded )
    .-= Dazey´s last blog ..Two Drinks To Try =-.

  • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

    Ah this reminded me of another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG_GdzH4AlU

  • http://aliceblogs.blogspot.com Alice

    i don’t know if it *represents* me well per se, but my fave pump-me-up song right now is “bleed it out” by linkin park..
    .-= Alice´s last blog ..the OTHER best part of blogher =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      That’s another good one- you can never go wrong with Linkin Park…

  • http://snead303.blogspot.com Snead

    Great question. I get into this with my friends at every game. My song: Seinfeld Theme
    .-= Snead´s last blog ..Veterans Organization Creates Online Guide to New GI Bill =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      That’s an interesting one- most athletes want the pump-up or intimidating song, I can see the crowds roaring with laughter over this one.

  • http://livitluvit.com LiLu

    “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”

    This got weird.
    .-= LiLu´s last blog ..TMI Thursday: The Family That Pees Together… =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Well if you were playing baseball, that would be totally right.

  • http://www.thoughtsfrommeggiepoo.com Meghan

    So I’ve actually had to think of and use my “Walk-Up” music for my last company’s softball team.

    The first one I chose was the opening riff to “Sweet Child of Mine”.

    Then I switched mid season to AC/DC “Shook Me All night” or whatever the name of that song is.
    .-= Meghan´s last blog ..Wii Fit Made Me Sweat! =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      I can see that working if you got the chorus blaring- good choice.

  • sir feege

    boss of all bosses-slim thug
    til i collapse-eminem
    fireman-lil wayne

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