The Single Life: 20 Tips For The Perfect Date

by Patrick on September 5, 2009

I recently came across an interesting article from Men’s Health titled, “20 Simple Tips for the Perfect Date: Dos and don’ts from the real-life Miss Match

Aw man they totally know how to pull me in.

The article was penned by Samantha Daniels, founder of Samantha’s Table, and had a few useful nuggest of information:

  1. Call her by early evening on Monday to confirm a Tuesday get-together. (Weekends aren’t for first dates.) - I always try and call when I say I will and touch base before a date, it only makes sense.
  2. Do not ask her, “So, what kind of music do you like?” The last 25 guys asked that. Be original. – I feel like a date shouldn’t be 20 Questions, it should instead be an actual conversation, it’s a better way to feel a person out.
  3. Tip well: Grab the check, mentally divide the bill by 10, double that number, and throw down the tip. Do it quickly but casually. Believe me, she’ll be watching. – See the grab the check line? That means we’re paying guys- don’t try and be cheap. Women are lucky they get the free meal plan.
  4. When in doubt, hold her hand. - If anybody knows me I suck at getting the courage to hold somebody’s hand.
  5. She expects you to know her eye color after the first date. – This reminds me of an exercise I try and do everytime I’m at the check-out counter. I always try and know a person’s name and eye color as he/she is ringing me up. It’s like training myself to pay attention to those little details when it counts.
  6. Women need momentum—without it, they lose interest or wonder if you have. Momentum = a minimum of one date a week, plus a couple of phone calls in between. - I enjoyed this tip because I didn’t really know what kind of pace seems legit so you aren’t too aloof or clingy.

Check out the rest of the article, do you think it’s pretty spot-on?

  • LiLu

    Just don’t call it a “free meal plan” in front of her, dear…
    .-= LiLu´s last blog ..Stop. Bullet Time! Duh Duh Duh Duh, Duh Duh, Duh Duh! =-.

    • Patrick

      Likewise- certain girls I know need to stop saying they are on it…

  • Alice

    good tips, actually! i never would have thought the “no home # = he’s married” (especially for the FIRST date?!) but the rest are awfully spot on. #19 especially!
    .-= Alice´s last blog any of you didn’t know about the pole dancing already.. =-.

    • Patrick

      Very interesting on #19, I also think the no home # maybe getting outdated- as more people start using cell phones instead of land lines.

  • Dazey

    I really liked this. Good job. I agree with Alice…most everyone I know nowadays only has one phone number and it’s their cell.

    I can say that if hand holding is not easy, I’ve been with guys who have opted to touch or hold my hands while we’re sitting at a table. (Granted, this only works if the girl’s hands are not in her lap.) It is more noticeable but also maybe more casual.

    Also, while it is charming if a guy pays, i’m not going to hold it against him if we go dutch. Or if the guy pays and the girl tips.
    .-= Dazey´s last blog ..Finding Happiness =-.

    • Patrick

      It is hard to hold girl’s hands. I need to practice I guess.

  • Lauren

    I don’t agree with #10. I don’t want some guy insisting that we stay for dessert and then I have to share it with him. If I want it, I’ll order it and I will eat as much as I like and leave the rest.

    I agree with number 20, however, I hate the phone. Really, really hate it. I would rather text then do anything.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Social Networking and Employers =-.

  • Patrick

    I think guys would like to text if anything too- but I make the effort to call because I think it makes a difference.

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