Metblogs Round-Up: 10-4-09

by Patrick on October 4, 2009

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about what I’ve done over at Metblogs:

  • Barack Obama was on Letterman a couple of weeks and there was an un-aired Top Ten list that really should of stayed un-released.
  • I reviewed The Providence Effect that opened up in DC theatres.
  • Cities around NoVa conducted some emergency drills that sound like they were ripped from an episode of 24.
  • Michael Moore’s new film was previewed in DC at the DC Labor FilmFest.
  • Those in the know already know about the Social Safeway nickname for the Georgetown location- looks like the store is also embracing it’s nickname on the new Social Safeway website.
  • Also did a write-up on The Arlington Players’ production of Bye Bye Birdie.

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