Newlyweds Tweets And Facebook From Altar

by Patrick on December 3, 2009

When Dana and Tracy Hanna got married and became husband and wife, Dana couldn’t wait to make it official… on Facebook.

Check out this video where after the minister pronounces them husband and wife, the Groom slyly takes out his phone so he can update his Facebook relationship status and send out a quick tweet. The minister explained to the confused guests, “Dana is updating his relationship status on Facebook.”

The Bride looks as if she wishes she had a phone while her Groom is busy typing away. Luckily Dana reaches into his jacket and produces her phone so she too can join in the social media fun!

Here’s the tweet he sent:


Dana is a software developer from Abingdon, MD and according to The Huffington Post the couple describes themselves as technology centric, “and have been Facebooking and Twittering a lot to keep in touch with our very large families scattered across the USA.”

Not only is the video quickly becoming viral but the couple’s 15 minutes has already started- Tracy’s latest tweet says that they will be on The Today Show this Friday.

Clearly Dana is having a bit of fun on his wedding day but this isn’t too far from what could happen in today’s plugged-in society. I recall when my co-worker Mallory got married Facebook was their first stop post reception. Will future nuptials include an online portion in the ceremony?

  • Carolyn

    I haven’t read your blog in awhile mainly because I’m living in another country but it has gotten schnazy! I’m impressed! Makes me feel bad that I have given up on my as of late. Been way to busy to blog lately…

    • Patrick

      Well life gets busy but I’m glad you found my blog again- you know you can always subscribe via e-mail so you don’t miss another post ;-)

  • Ashley

    I saw this too! A little extreme, haha.

    • Patrick

      It was a little extreme but I have a bad feeling online changing of the status is going to happen more often.

  • Marie

    I think they’ve just defined technology and social media in the 21st century. Pretty funny. :)
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..My Career =-.

    • Patrick

      Would of been better if they found each other on eHarmony or something.

  • Diana

    Yuck. I hate when people can’t even LIVE life — they have to live through the web. Granted, they’re just being silly, but it does define society when people can’t function without the web. For example, what would those Australian kids do if they didn’t have a cellphone to update their facebook account when they got stuck in a storm drain: ? They’d die. Literally. People need to balance between actually HAVING a life and living on the web. And of course, they need to be taught how to fucking call the cops when necessary.

    • Patrick

      Well at least they lived life enough to find a mate- many people I fear won’t make it that far.

  • Liebchen

    I saw this the other day…absurd. I really hope this doesn’t become a trend.
    .-= Liebchen´s last blog ..Back to it =-.

    • Patrick

      Ya at least save the online Facebooking til after the cake.

  • lacochran

    Yeech. They deserve each other.
    .-= lacochran´s last blog .."How can I explain when there are few words I can choose" –Erasure =-.

    • Patrick

      Well at least they are together.

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