Nominated: Brazen Careerist Blogger Of The Year 2009

by Patrick on December 18, 2009


Those were the words in bold that started off an e-mail I received yesterday afternoon. I don’t really consider myself a Social Media guru or a Gen-Y expert, but I think Rock Star is a title I could live with.

However it was the subject of the e-mail, not the salutation, that caught my attention: “Brazen Careerist’s Best of 2009: You’ve been nominated as Blogger of the Year!”

Me? No way.

I think 2009 has been a year of tremendous growth for my blog but I don’t really consider myself as famous as LiLu or Maxie, who can write a blog about anything and watch the comments pile on. They have also been a featured blogger on 20 Something Bloggers. I don’t get half as much local recognition as The Pumpernickel, who is regularly featured on DC Blogs or The Express’ Blog Log (not to mention her spot on Viralogy.)

I read the posts of  the all the other nominees and I was impressed. Lots of big names in the Gen-Y/Social Media world. Elysa Rice, Sydney Owen, Jun Loayza, Nisha Chittal, Elisa Doucette- all of them very successful bloggers and great writers. I’m lucky if I don’t have to correct typos on my post after I publish them. I’m even luckier if I catch all of my mistakes before it gets pushed out the RSS feed.

Bottom Line: I can’t be half as good as these people.

So with this nomination I am extremely honored to be among some of the best thought leaders and writers on Social Media and Gen-Y. Brazen Careerist has become a great community to find people like these and I know that I hope to get more involved in the upcoming months.

Who knew that a rant I wrote during production week of a musical would go so far? I wouldn’t expect that post to get nominated- then again I didn’t think my MTV Jersey Shore post would get featured either.

I think what’s really impressive about it is that not only are there people that really get it and are true experts- I’ve read other bloggers in this list that are like me- just simply learning lessons in life and just want to share it with the world.

If you are reading this- I’d appreciate your vote. Voting is open until Midnight December 23rd. People that vote have a chance to win a $20 Starbucks Gift Card. The Blogger of the Year receives a $150 Amazon Gift Card- and a cool title.

To vote, you need to tweet or re-tweet this message on Twitter:

I’m voting for @dmbosstone’s post in the #Brazen Careerist #bestof 2009 contest:

That’s it! If you follow me on Twitter I’ll be sending out a message you can re-tweet as well. Be sure to tell all of your Twitter friends to help re-tweet this as well!

Complete rules can be found here.

So I wish everyone luck, as much as I’d love the honor of Brazen Careerist Blogger of the Year I seriously doubt I have a big enough network to compete with such big names.

But then again aren’t some of the best social media stories the one where the small guy achieves big things with just a keyboard and a mouse?

  • Ryan Paugh

    Looks like you’re doing pretty good so far!

    I think a lot of people are worried that bloggers w/ a lot of followers are going to take this thing, but my prediction is that someone like you is going to win.

    It’s all about the value you bring to the people you’re connected to. If you’re a giver, people are going to be more likely to want to give back. 300 people who you’ve spent time connecting w/ in 2009 is more powerful than 1,000 that you’ve accumulated while giving little back to.

    Good luck!
    .-= Ryan Paugh´s last blog ..The Top 50 Blog Posts of 2009 + A Contest to Determine Our Blogger of the Year! =-.

    • Patrick

      Thanks Ryan- I totally love the point you bring up about giving vs. receiving. I tell people that ask me advice about Twitter to become a go-to source, to give more than ask.

  • Dazey

    wow that is pretty cool. Congrats! If it were me, I think I’d be more stoked just for the title, but then again, maybe that’s why I’m not one of those chosen bloggers. Either way, it’s pretty lame that the only way to vote is through Twitter. I would totally vote for you, but I am not on Twitter, and don’t really see this a viable reason to join. Sorry buster and good luck in the running to be America’s Next Top Blogger.
    .-= Dazey´s last blog ..One Track Mind =-.

    • Patrick

      I know I just want the title- in fact maybe I’ll give the prize away if I win it…

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    Awesommme. Voted! Fingers crossed for you. :)
    .-= Suburban Sweetheart´s last blog ..The White House: I Want to Go to There =-.

    • Patrick

      Thanks- get all your friends to vote too!

  • Elisa

    So, I’m not gonna lie. I hadn’t followed you other than your occasional featured post on Brazen til now. But reading thru at the BestOf entries I decided that yours was one of my favorites out of the list. So I Tweeted (per the contest guidelines) and immediately followed your Twitter stream.

    Next stop was to jump on your blog to add it to my Reader. Only to read through your post and see that…WHAT?! You list me as one of the big names of the blogging world?! It may be partially cause I’ve been sick for 5 days straight but you could knock me over with a feather right now!

    Goodness is all relative…I enjoyed your post a lot because it was so frank and true and real. None of the buzzwords and stagnant topics of so many “good bloggers.” Keep doing what you’re doing, I look forward to reading more in the future!
    .-= Elisa´s last blog ..Life Isn’t Wicked Witches Or Phantoms =-.

    • Patrick

      Aw Elisa you just made my day, thanks so much!

  • Mike

    Good luck! I don’t read many D.C. blogs, but yours is one that I regularly do, so at the very, very least pat yourself on the back for that one. I’ll retweet it once it comes around!
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..And I got my H1N1 shot today but now my kids will die of autism because Jenny McCarthy & Kirk Cameron said so. =-.

    • Patrick

      You don’t have to wait- just copy and paste the above message to your Twitter!

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