I Don’t Write About Cupcakes (The Importance Of Knowing Your Niche)

by Patrick on January 15, 2010


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Alicia Griffin

My co-worker Mallory enjoys sneaking up on me in my office. Since my desk is in a corner of the office not in view of the door it’s easy for co-workers to jump out of no-where and scare the bejesus out of me.

Recently she snuck up on me and asked about my blog. She’s known about it for sometime yet doesn’t read it. In the conversation she happily volunteered reasons why:

Blog Topics That She Reads:

What I Write About On My Blog:

Mallory simply told me that she’s not interested in anything I write about. She did tell me that if I started writing about cupcakes she’d want to read that. Does this make her a bad friend? I don’t think so. While my friends support me in my theatrical endeavors and if I ever needed some extra hands to move- reading my blog is a commitment. I understand that even though blogging is a big part of my life, my friends won’t be a part of my readership. They are my friends, but they are also people interested in a whole range of things- some of which isn’t what I write about.

So who does read my blog? Mostly people who are interesting in blogging, social media, and perhaps my annual Oscar Watch. As much as I’d love it for my friends to read what I write- I have to learn that by developing a personal brand, I am focusing my audience to fit the niche we want to target.

I don’t read cooking blogs because I’m not really that interested in food. Does that mean my friends should read me even if they aren’t particularity interested in what I write about? What do you think? Should they be more supportive? Should I realize I will always have friends and my blog audience as separate groups?

I’ll tell you one thing- I am not going to write about cupcakes.

  • http://liebchen11.wordpress.com Liebchen

    I know my friends don’t always read my blog – nor do I expect them, too – but they still support the fact that I’m doing it.
    .-= Liebchen´s last blog ..When I say “Donald Duck” what’s the first thing you think of? =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      My friends often never ask me about the blog- I actually don’t know if many of them remember that I write one.

  • http://aritza-goddess.blogspot.com Aritza, Goddess of ..

    Personally, I am grateful that my friends don’t read my blog.. I like to keep it “anonymous” or semi-anon. But I would understand if they didn’t.. it’s a big part of me, lots about my daily life, but all of it can’t be interesting to them.

    Thankfully, a blog reaches a very large audience. There’ll always be someone interested in what you blab about I think.

    Anywho, despite everything, the word “cupcake” in the title and the picture are what brought me here today ;) lol
    .-= Aritza, Goddess of ..´s last blog ..Goddess of .. Feel Good Friday – Volume 2 ! =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Really? I can’t bribe you over with anything but food?

  • http://www.f-oxymoron.com/ [F]oxymoron

    I only blog about cupcakes when I’m talking about dating – which I don’t do too often on my blog – or if I’m making bets.

    And I’m certain most of my friends don’t read my blog.
    .-= [F]oxymoron´s last blog ..Guru – 100 Ways To Live A Better Life =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      So does that mean Cupcakes is an integral part of your dating life or is it an integral description of the women you date?

  • http://www.suburbansweetheart.com Suburban Sweetheart

    Love this post. I wish fewer of my friends read my blog. ;)

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Well that’s because you are such a lovable and adorable person- people can’t get enough of you online or off!

  • Mallory

    I was exciting to read this post since it mentioned cupcakes in the title… then soon became disinterested as it was about social media…. ;) Love ya PP HO!

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Sorry Mal, maybe I’ll just start including photos of cupcakes to entice you to read.

  • http://capslove.wordpress.com Dazey

    Does your co-worker read Cake Wrecks? Do you? It gives me my daily dose of funny. I can’t imagine there are many other quality cake-blogs out there.

    And, does not writing about cupcakes constitute writing about cupcakes?

    Anyways, I feel similarly, because many of my closer friends don’t read my blog. But I’ve actually discovered that some of my friends do read my blog. And while it shouldn’t, it surprises me to learn when my friends do read it. Last year a friend had mentioned that he loved reading a post i had written that day. I was shocked that he read it. Truthfully though, he admitted to only reading the first bit, and then when it got too long, he just skimmed it, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers, eh?

    I think it would be really cool if there was some way to see who’s reading your blog and visiting a site, rather than merely seeing the number of “hits” a site receives. When I was a college DJ, our radio’s website at one point had a section where you could tell the locations of our listeners’ computers. From that information you could usually tell who was listening.
    .-= Dazey´s last blog ..It’s Sports Day! =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      It would take a large trust in privacy for that kind of stuff to happen in regards of tracking. I’m perfectly ok with assuming nobody reads my blog.

      • http://capslove.wordpress.com Dazey

        I guess that’s the major plus to asking readers for their input. That’s a guarantee that responses=readers. My blog isn’t as interactive which I sometimes wish it was, for that same reason. However with you nomination for best blog or whatever, i think you can be rest assured that your blog doesn’t have nobody reading it.
        .-= Dazey´s last blog ..It’s Sports Day! =-.

  • http://lacochran.blogspot.com lacochran

    It is impossible to predict what’s going to draw people and what isn’t. I don’t hold it against anyone [TWSS] if they don’t want to read my blog and I expect the same understanding from them about their hobbies.
    .-= lacochran´s last blog .."Just Walk Away" –Kelly Clarkson =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      True, thus why it’s easier when you have a niche blog- if I wrote about cupcakes all the time I know that people that read my blog must love cupcakes.

  • http://sunshineandpotatoes.blogspot.com Grace

    I find that I am very interested in my friends blogs even if they are writing about things that are usually of little interest to me. The reason: they are my friends. And I am interested in them. Who they are, what they like, what makes them happy/sad/scared. Sometimes I skim the post if it’s really not for me, but I like checking in and commenting. Letting them know that I care about what they write. But that’s just me and if my friends don’t want to read about my blog because it does not interest them then that’s ok but I’ll continue to read theirs and most of the time–my friends that read it are the friends I am closest with.
    .-= Grace´s last blog ..Food Friday: Tostadas =-.

  • http://livitluvit.com LiLu

    When we first got the kittens, someone commented “If this becomes a cat blog I’ll comment a lot more.”

    Which I found hilarious, because I in no way would ever tailor MY words for the sake of additional comments, right??

    But then it did sort of become a cat blog. Well, maybe 1/3 cat blog.

    .-= LiLu´s last blog ..Let’s Get Nekkid. (You, For Once, Instead of Me!) =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Possibly. It’s kinda like when you have kids- you can’t stop posting photos and stuff about them.

  • Katie

    Well, I read your blog from time to time…simply because I think you’re a good writer and you generally have a strong opinion which I tend to admire.

    Does this mean no blog about Dominos “New” Pizza?

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      In time Katie, in time.

  • http://www.ajerseykid.com brad

    i think all of maybe two people i knew pre-blog read my blog regularly. actually, i’m probably aiming a little high with that number.
    .-= brad´s last blog ..crazy game of poker =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Man I wish I could say I could beat that number.

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