The Joys Of Social Overbooking

by Patrick on January 19, 2010


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A long holiday weekend means lots of time for rest, relaxation and some productivity right?

Not for me.

Friday I attended a Rachel’s birthday happy hour over at Laughing Man Tavern. I don’t know why they call it happy hour, one rarely spends just an hour getting happy. A couple of hours later I escaped downtown only to find myself at Hard Times Cafe. I then found myself at Jay’s Saloon. I ended up on a couch telling long tales to Maricha. Thank goodness my roommates don’t judge me… too much.

Saturday was supposed to be quieter: a night catching up and watching films with Adam. However options started to sprout from the ground as if the long weekend was a magic bean for social gatherings. My roommate invited me to the Timbaland concert and drinks on U-Street; Carolyn invited me to a house party at her house; Adam wanted to ditch the movie idea and meet up with some girls in Adams Morgan; Maxie was planning on going out to U-Street as well.

What do you do when faced with so many options? I already have enough trouble staying in on any given night, how does one manage so many invites? My first priority was with Adam, with whom I made plans with before all others. However texts started pouring in, each party attempting to guilt me into choosing their side. So I ventured out with an elaborate plan to try and make everyone happy.

I left my house around 11 to visit Carolyn’s party. Unfortunately she doesn’t live close to the Metro which means it would be a dry cameo. I visited for about an hour as Adam streamed texts on my phone describing the great time I was missing. Around midnight I dropped off my car and hailed a Taxi to take me to Brass Monkey to meet up with Adam. 15 minutes after sitting down with a drink the girls with him, “got tired” and wanted to leave.  One of the girls clearly wanted to leave with Adam by her side. I graciously said farewell as and wished Adam nothing but the best. I decided to walk over to U-Street to say hi to Maxie and end the night at Ben’s with Maricha. I didn’t make it all the way to Ben’s but somehow ended up walking up Rhode Island Ave at 4 AM.

My ambitious social itinerary wasn’t fully completed but I got awfully close. I should really know better after the time I spent all my money on four cabs.

I don’t write this to as a vain show of popularity, I am truly thankful to have all my friends here in Washington, DC- which why I want to spend time with all of them. Plus we all have those moments where we have to balance our social schedules, and we all have those weekends where there’s simply too much going on. How does one handle a situation like that? Do you pre-plan and share your time? Or do you simply prioritize and apologize to the others? I know that as a busy young professional in the city that I’m not the only one who finds themselves with many choices:  how do you handle it?

  • Liebchen

    Rough life being so popular. :-)

    I’m definitely not a party hopper. Every time I try, I wind up exhausted. So I’m much more a fan of the prioritize-and-apologize strategy.
    .-= Liebchen´s last blog ..I’m speechless =-.

    • Patrick

      I don’t know how I didn’t end up exhausted- I mean I did but it wasn’t like I was falling asleep trying to get back home.

  • Shannon

    I used to be able to do the hyper-popular party hop, but can’t anymore. I just get too tired and cranky if I have to go to more than two locations in the same evening. (I also avoid anywhere I can’t sit down, which is probably yet another symptom of age.) I tend to go with whatever invitation I receive first, even if that invitation is from me, to me, to watch movies on the couch.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..When Words Fail, It’s Time to Shut Up and Help Out =-.

    • Patrick

      You invite yourself places? I think I’m too snobby about myself to do that.

      • Shannon

        Ha! No, I issue a formal invitation to myself…to sit on my own couch and chill. What? I’m lazy.
        .-= Shannon´s last blog ..And Now for Something Completely Gizzardy =-.

        • Patrick

          It’s all cool- I’m on my couch typing this…

  • Alice

    i love having the OPTION of tons of plans.. but rarely will get in more than 2 per night. anything more than that and i feel unsatisfied by the short amount of time i get with each group.

    • Patrick

      Jack of all, master of none right?

  • deutlich

    I suck at moving from one spot to the next within the same night. I’m .. old.
    .-= deutlich´s last blog ..The “Adult” Clause =-.

    • Patrick

      I’m probably getting up there too- it’s ok

  • brad

    I’ll hop. I’m hip. I’m with it. I actually like both extremes: a real chill night at a dive bar where we can hear each other talk and jumping around to one overcrowded, loud bar after another. It’s all about the people. It depends on who you’re with.
    .-= brad´s last blog ..hello? =-.

    • Patrick

      That’s a good point, but I hate making those kind of decisions- I want to love everybody.

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    I mostly just overbook & then bail. Or underbook & still bail. Either way, many of my evenings end the same way!
    .-= Suburban Sweetheart´s last blog ..Cliches Exist for a Reason (I’m Talking to You, March for Lifers) =-.

    • Patrick

      So you bail a lot? Sadface.

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