What Would Andy Warhol Do? Eating A KFC Double Down

by Patrick on May 3, 2010

When I first heard about the KFC Double Down sandwich through co-worker/food humorist Jon Eick, I immediately thought how disgusting food has gotten.

Then I thought how I had to try it.

I know everybody thinks the poor excuse of a sandwich is disgusting but the allure of  extreme eating temporarily put my life long dreams of eating a Monster Thickburger on hold. Now my thoughts were focused on doing what nobody else will ever do: take on the Double Down.

This past weekend I got up wondering what I should have for lunch when my roommates joked that I should fulfill my dream and make May 1st the day of the Double Down.

I was talking to my friend LJ about my roommate’s idea when he took it one-step further: let’s use this momentous event to pay homage to pop artist: Andy Warhol. He showed me this unusual video of Andy eating a hamburger:

I watched it a few times and figured it would be easy to spoof. So I hopped into my car, picked up a Double Down, pulled together some items in my closet and shot this:

I think it’s modern day adaption: not only is fast food still a part of our daily lives, but it was gotten to the point of gross excess.

A couple of minutes into the video my shotgun mic slipped a bit, creating the thud you hear and grabbing my attention for a bit. I immediately hoped that the sound would come out ok, because I was definitely not eating another Double Down anytime soon.

When I first opened the box and saw the magnificent heart attack sandwich I wasn’t surprised by it’s sloppiness but I did realized that the sandwich is really just two pieces of chicken with cheese- perhaps something you may eat if it was on a plate with a side item. The bacon was lost in the gooey mess in the middle and I didn’t really taste it at all- but I did taste the sodium.

KFC-Double-Down2Halfway through the sandwich I realized two things: I really needed some water to help wash it down. I forgot to use the ketchup I most diligently poured out. I don’t typically eat ketchup but in order to stay true to the original I carried-on.

At the end I stopped and reflected just like Andy did: after eating the sandwich I felt the same way I’d feel after eating any kind of fast food: halfheartedly satisfied.

Was I no longer hungry? Kinda. Did I feel the happy kind of full I would have felt had I had kabobs, sushi, or Peruvian chicken? Not at all.

All in all it’s something I can cross off my list and I’m still alive to tell you about it.

  • http://paulmacp.com Paul MacPherson

    I think Andy would be proud!

    .-= Paul MacPherson´s last blog ..Nothing says ‘digital nomad’ like these 5 photos =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Thanks Paul!

  • http://www.mikechiasson.com Mike

    I just showed this to everyone at my work and they only replied “wtf is wrong with this guy”.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Listing of Commission Junction’s Pay Per Call Offers =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      I don’t like to talk when I am double-downing- that’s all.

  • http://aliceblogs.blogspot.com Alice

    i read one review of the double down that basically said “what’s the big deal.. isn’t this just a fast food version of chicken cordon bleu?”

    but.. somehow… yes. it seems FAR WORSE than that.
    .-= Alice´s last blog ..big hats and popped collars =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Yes that’s exactly what I thought! I think the fact that a place that invented Famous Bowls counts against the dish.

  • Jena

    Compelling. Riveting. ;)

    Also, clever. :)

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Not really- my roommate walked out on it after two minutes.

  • http://www.dcdatingdivas.com Delilah

    Wow, you’re the first person I know who has tried this! There aren’t many KFCs near me in DC, but I kind of want to try it too! Love both videos.
    .-= Delilah´s last blog ..Meeting of the Dark Knight =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Thanks Delilah- you are right about lack of DC KFCs, how will they be able to Double Down?

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  • http://www.needlemeethaystack.com Andrew

    As someone else who’s told the Internet about eating a Double-Down (and recorded it, and actually had TWO of the things in the form of the Mythical Quad-Down) all I can say is: welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy people asking you about the experience, your stomach, and your sanity for at least the next month :)
    .-= Andrew´s last blog ..A Message to the Graduating Class of 2010 =-.

    • http://www.dmbosstone.com Patrick

      Wait a minute you had a Quad-Down? Are you still alive?

  • http://lacochran.blogspot.com lacochran

    Although longer than the original, Patrick’s remake has a nuanced cinema verite that cries out for… well… a cold beverage.
    .-= lacochran´s last blog .."Island Girl" –Elton John =-.

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