Next Stop: The OBX Season 4

by Patrick on May 21, 2010

In a few short hours I’ll be boarding a plane to travel back home to see Kim graduate from Fitchburg State. She’ll be attending UConn this fall for a graduate degree to peruse a career in student affairs- I couldn’t be more proud of her!

It’ll be four years after I walked upon the stage myself, and I will actually be marching again- but more of those thoughts next week.

Right after Kim’s commencement I’ll be flying back to DC so I can drive and meet up with my friends for yet another week on the beach, or as I’ve already conditioned my friends to say- another season of The OBX.

Next week I’ll premiere the 3rd season- which will be online soon after I come back and of course, that also means I’ll be filming season 4.

What will happen this year? We return to the same house that held 80′s prom and daily routines but I have no idea what will happen next!

For those that are new to my annual beach trip can watch this informative video:

Just because I’ll be on the beach doesn’t mean I won’t be online- stay tuned next week for the Quarter Life Crisis series! I’ve lined up a really great series of writers and I can’t wait to kick if off!

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