Is It Cool For Companies To Jump On Social Media Fads?

by Patrick on March 31, 2011


Earlier this week I talked about how the personality will trump the corporation in social media almost every time.

So what happens when a company tries to jump on pop culture conversation du jour?

The Charlie Sheen saga maybe fading away like a Ray Allen jumper but at the height of its popularity a number of companies decided to act hip by buying promoted tweets for the #winning hashtag. Others took a more low-key approach, by simply using it in their daily tweets.

While this isn’t hashtag jumping to the Kenneth Cole level, is the usage of hashtags like that make a company look connected or like a dad trying to act cool?

Personally I see both sides of it, I think it can be useful as long as you aren’t stretching your brand image too far by doing it. What do you guys think?

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