How Do You Get Your Friends To Help Your Other Friends?

by Patrick on April 16, 2011

These are my friends Diana and Brett. They are pretty cool.

They are getting married and are finalists in a photography contest where the winner wins free photography for their big day. When Diana e-mailed me for my vote I was more than happy to lend my click.

She also asked me to tell all my Internet friends and that’s where this blog post comes to play.

It’s easy to mobilize your network of friends and contacts- but how does one expand that into the second and third degree?

It doesn’t help that the call to action for this contest is more complicated than it should be, for that I blame the photographer. Here’s his directions for voting in the contest:

1) Log in to Facebook

2) Click the “like” button near top of blog or on Facebook under Tracy Turpen Photography

3) Read the anonymous entries

4) Click on the “Contact” label at top of blog

5) Enter your name and the couple’s number you wish to vote for to win (i.e. Tyler Stout I’m voting for Couple #15)

Clearly Tracy is trying to build followers for his Facebook page through his contest but how many people are going to be motivated enough to visit a Facebook page, then visit a blog, read through a lengthy page of stories, then send an e-mail with their vote.

It’s great that the photographer made a YouTube video to explain the voting process- but doesn’t the fact you have to make a 2 minute video to explain how to vote tell you that you should refine your contest?

Now I’m not out here to criticize the photographer, but it did make me think when Diana asked me to help her out- what does it take to get a message to spread beyond your initial network?

Simplicity is absolutely key.

Personalization also helps. Two weeks ago I got an e-mail from my friend Amanda who was walking in the Purple Stride to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer research. In her e-mail she told me the story why she was participating and I felt compelled to help out my friend. To read and know how much something means to the ones you love is more than reason enough to help- that’s why I lent a hand on the Love Harder project last year.

So I want to ask you- how do you help out your friends when they need that quick vote? Is it a tweet on your handle, is it something more? If you are gunning to win a contest what would you do to give it legs beyond your circle of friends?

And maybe if you have a few minutes, e-mail a vote for story #3. As somebody that dreams of one day falling in love like my friends Diana and Brett, I want to do what I can do help them out with their wedding.

  • Summer Page

    I did it, but that was unnecessarily hard. Now you’ve got me on contest vote usability.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your help Summer- I’m glad it got you thinking in a different way!

  • melody

     I read this too late, I went to the page and read their story and the voting is closed. But the only reason I was doing it is because you put this post up (obvi) so I am sure others did as well^^

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