Why I Should Stop Driving My Car Around Town

by Patrick on October 19, 2011

Pho Sho License Plates

This past weekend I traveled to Orlando to speak at the PRSA International Conference. I haven’t been to Orlando since high school and it was great to stop by for a day and talk social media. I’ll admit though that the most memorable moment didn’t happen at the conference but outside it.

Sunday afternoon I arrived to the conference hotel with some lovely people from Booze Allen Hamilton who were hosting me for the day. As we walked across the lot we spied a car with a personalized license plate, which started a conversation on the practice.

Those that know me know that I have some pretty unique plates that I’m proud of. After mentioning my own vanity plates one of the hosts pulled out her phone and produced a photo of my car.

“Is this your car?”

I did one of those surprised reactions where you run away while laughing. She had a photo of my car on her phone! She revealed she also lives in Arlington and snapped it earlier this year when she was out to eat with her husband. The two use the photo in text message convos. Instead of answering a text with the word yes, they would instead send a photo of my car.

I didn’t realize my car was such a celebrity.

  • http://aliceblogs.blogspot.com Alicewonderland0

    THIS STORY IS AMAZING. you & your car are definitely famous. you’re someone’s inside joke! that’s awesome! 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen lots of people take photos of my car before- but never ran into someone that did. I hope my POS car continues to make others happy as it putt-putts my way around town.

  • Harpermac11

    Nice plate! haha.

  • http://spitonthestreet.wordpress.com/ melody

    I just laughed aloud and shared this post with my grad class girlfriends. Oh my gosh… this is absolutely hilarious! what a small small world!

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad my car is a hit in Korea!

  • http://twitter.com/erinparker Erin Parker Skinner

    Aaaaaand I officially am LOVING your license plate! What fun that those people actually use a photo of it to answer each other via text!

    • Anonymous

      My car should become a meme- like Nyan cat.

  • http://sweepingfordreams.blogspot.com Bri

    Hahaha, this just made my day! I love your license plate! :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Bri- now if I only had a car that was as cool as my plates…

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