Pho On The Web: 1-22-12

by Patrick on January 22, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of writing. Mostly Washington Wizards & DC Theatre stuff.

For all you non-basketball fans out there here’s a snap shot on the Wizards season so far:

  • The lockout ended, the Wizards assembled a young, talented, yet immature squad for the season.
  • They lose the first game in the pre-season, the media panics.
  • Andray Blatche starts to complain about not getting the ball enough in the paint, DC starts their contempt for him.
  • Celtics come into town and beat them.
  • Knicks come into town and beat them.
  • Rockets come into town and beat them.
  • The NBA-best Thunder come into town and the Wizards WIN. The crowd starts to boo Blatche anytime he does anything in the game.
  • Nuggets come into town and beat them in a close one. Blatche goes 0-7 and the crowd now genuinely hates him.

The season is shortened but it will still be a long season. I even did a vlog about it!

Meanwhile I’m still writing up theatre as well. I’ve seen some great stuff including You Nero at Arena Stage and Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies at Woolly Mammoth. I’ve also seen some less than great shows as well.

I’m also starting to do more vlogs- what do you all think about that? Should I keep doing them? I guess I caught the bug from #VEDA.


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