Pho On The Net: 11-25-12

by Patrick on November 25, 2012

Well first off I have to say how thankful I am for all of my friends, family, and fans of my Gangnam Style DC video. It racked up a quite a few hits and got some attention from a few places:

I cannot thank everybody enough for your support! I’m working on a proper thank you video/behind the scenes vid to post up.

I’ve also been writing as usual up on We Love DC, here’s the latest in bullet form.

Theatre Reviews

Washington Wizards

Other Stuff

Talking about the Warby Parker Class Trip, this past couple of weeks I got to hang out on their bus and show their crew a good time when I could. Expect some more stuff from their visit when it gets posted.

Hope everybody had a great holidays! Can’t wait to get back to DC.

  • melody

    oh my gosh, how is this my first time seeing this??? HAhAHA. Oh dear, it’s amazing. On a sidenote… please, please tell the world that it is not pronounced “gang” nam style as we would say it in English. Listen to the song, and that is actually how you pronounce it… more like gong-num, but the g at the beginning is a mixture between a g sound and a k sound (because in Korea they don’t have a letter for g and k, it is one and the same).

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