Welcoming In The Last Year Of My 20s

by Patrick on December 16, 2012


(Photo by Instagram user liz4dmb41)

Today I typically make a statement of how hopeless and romantic I am. Today I enter the final year of my 20s and I can say I am still both. In the weeks leading up to this day I made several foolish decisions that can confirm this.

The first of which was to attempt to celebrate a day that I’ve failed to rally my friends around for several years. I can’t have a big bash like my other friends, it’s the problem of having a December birthday. The second decision was to instead purchase tickets for a Dave Matthews Band show this weekend, something where I’ve failed to find a proper date for time and time again.

Still romantic in thinking I can do something special for my birthday and still hopeless in trying to make it come true.

However this time around I gave up looking for a date and sold my extra floor ticket and decided to embark to Charlottesville this weekend by myself. I’m done trying to make my birthday perfect, I was just going to make it the best that I could.

Would have I wanted to celebrate my birthday surrounded by all of my friends? Of course. Would have I wanted to celebrate my birthday with someone on a perfectly planned DMB trip? Of course. There’s nothing I want more than to simply be with the ones I love in my life.

But sometimes you just have to go it alone and that’s what I ultimately had to do when I packed up my car and drove down to C’ville to see my 35th Dave Matthews Band show.

It wasn’t what I originally envisioned when I bought two tickets for a December 15th Dave Matthews Band show, but it was quite the adventure. I met a couple of band members after the show and got some photos, autographs, and memories that’ll make this solo trip worth the cost.

Tonight I won’t be throwing that big bash where all of my friends come out, instead I’ll be at watching the Patriots game and hopefully I’ll be with at least a couple of friends so I’m not cheering by myself.

In the end I think a couple of friends is enough for me. Maybe one year I’ll have that big party but for now I’ll make do with what I got.


  • http://www.aquaticbehavior.com/ Tori

    Winter birthdays are hard. My birthday is in January, so it doesn’t coincide with any major holidays, but people still always find excuses not to come celebrate – usually in the form of some kind of major rain storm. WHATEVER.

    A few of my friends celebrate their birthdays on their half birthdays (in the summer) so that they can have the big bash they want without cutting into people’s holidays and / or making them driving a hundred miles in the rain.

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