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Tweet Last month Oreo attempted to set a Guinness World record when they asked their 16.7 million fans  to “like” one of their posts: 24 hours later they clinched the title, an event they expected since they were quickly ready with a photo opp and certificate. However five hours later rapper Lil Wayne decided to counter […]

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Tweet Recently I participated in a Brazen Careerist blog mentoring event with a few of my Gen-Y cohorts. It was an absolute rush to talk to so many bloggers about blog writing. I’m often asked for advice from friends when they are interested in starting a blog, I spent the Super Bowl watching the game […]


Tweet When I walked into that room I knew I was doing something few would have the privilege to do and would only earn that opportunity after years of hard work, dedication, and some luck. I must have a little bit more luck than the rest. Five minutes prior I walked through the press entrance […]


Tweet If you are an active reader of this blog, you know that I am a believer in bringing the social back into social media. Networking is one of the most valuable things you can do to find a job or help develop your professional career. I am a fan of networking both offline and […]


Tweet As social media becomes more mainstream two types of social media fans have emerged. The first type are the social media enthusiasts, who are genuinely interested in social media as an evolving way that we interact with each other and communicate. This camp includes the Social Media/PR practitioners and tech nerds that deal and […]


Tweet Have you seen The Evolution of Dance? I first discovered this video while I was working on New Persuasion at TMG- at the time it was the most viewed video on YouTube of all time. Now it’s 5th. What’s the #1 all-time video on YouTube now? Justin Bieber. If you look at the YouTube […]

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The Blog Hump

by Patrick on August 23, 2010

Tweet I’ve been blogging before it was called blogging. That’s a long time. During my time I’ve seen countless blogs fall by the wayside. Life gets in the way for a blogger and posts become infrequent and eventually stop. Sometimes blogs will unexpectedly end with a farewell post. I didn’t start seriously following blogs til […]


Tweet It doesn’t surprise me that most TV stars don’t watch television. Unlike stage actors or even film actors, regulars on a successful TV series are constantly filming with little downtime in between seasons. That leaves little time to enjoy the television they aren’t making. There’s also an interesting effect of doing what you love […]


Tweet Remember when advertising was actually a persuasive tool? You would buy a product because it was advertised to be the best, longest lasting, or a great value. Companies would pit their products against the competitors in ads, hoping that it would win the hearts and minds of the consumers that watched them. Of course […]


Tweet While I was on The OBX I received a very interesting e-mail from Tom at We Love DC: My condolences on the loss of Metblogs… Wait a minute. What happened to DC Metblogs? I was busy getting my tan on to notice that something was going on to the place where I write about […]