Grace Under Fire

by Patrick on January 26, 2010

Tweet Tech week. We’re all gonna die. The words of one of my actresses in regards to this week: Hell Week. Call it what you want, Tech Week, Production Week, Hell Week. I like Hell Week- because it is truly hell. Back in October I experienced it for the first time as a stage manager […]


Tweet “I just get tired of sitting around and watching TV.” Last night at Amadeus rehearsal I was talking with Kristin, my props designer, about her work on the show as an escape from her couch. I could easily relate to her feelings, it’s really hard to find me home alone on a Saturday night. […]


Extending My Gap Years

by Patrick on April 30, 2009

Tweet First off I have to thank everyone on here for taking the time to offer some advice on my question on going to Grad School this fall. Brazen Careerist put the post up on their homepage and I got lots of advice as a result- I didn’t realize it would get so much attention […]