Tweet I get a haircut every month. I do so in order to control the beast that is my hair. If I let my hair grow out, it’ll spreads in all directions- and not in a hip fro or a cute Howie Day-like ‘do. I’m talking full-on Wolverine status. I’m talking hide yo’ kids and yo’ […]

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Tweet My parents pay special attention to my dating life. I don’t know if it’s because I’m the only one among my three siblings that has never had a “Facebook official” relationship or if it’s because I mostly keep my parents in the dark when it comes to that part of my life. One time […]


Tweet I received following e-mail from my mom today yesterday: Hello Patrick, your Dad wants me to forward this email from his friends about the Vietnamese beauty pageant in southern California so you can enjoy the pretty Vietnamese girls in USA. you had to click under messages #2 hoa khoi lien trung. love, Mom and […]


Tweet One of the big reasons I’m behind on life is because I flew back home last week to attend my sister’s engagement ceremony. For those non-Vietnamese out there it’s a tradition that involves lots of praying, food, and bowing. Check out Wikipedia and this very informative article explaining some of the customs. So I […]


Tweet So after my previous post I proceeded to waste my time looking up other Vietnamese related humor clips and I eventually found my way to this: It’s no surprise that the Idol franchise has spread to many different countries, I just didn’t realize it had spread to Vietnam. While I don’t understand anything that […]


My Mom Is A Thrifty Asian

by Patrick on March 13, 2009

Tweet I got the best text message from my sister Kim today. Apparently my mom used a handful of coupons to shrink a $10 $31 CVS tab down to $5. Only my mom would use a billion coupons on a purchase. It reminds me of the time she managed to get money back after buying […]


Long Lost Relatives

by Patrick on February 27, 2009

Tweet This past weekend was all about family. This past Saturday I was having lunch with my Aunt Jackie at Coastal Flats when my mom called. It appears that a distant relative passed away in Fairfax. A delegation of uncles and aunts were going to leave Chelmsford to head down here but my grandmother was […]


Tweet I’m not Mongolian, but I could pass for it right? I mean I’m not really white but I pass for that all the time. The Going Out Gurus over at Washington Post just posted about some movie auditions for the next M. Night Shyamalan film which will be a trilogy based on the Avatar: The Last […]


Tweet Living in the DC area for a couple of years now has certainly turned me on to politics and current events. It’s the bug everyone gets when they move in. As much as I could see myself working in the government I don’t think I’ll be running for office anytime soon- but you never […]

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The Cho Show

by Patrick on August 26, 2008

Tweet I enjoy Asians comedians. It’s weird when you think of an Asian comedian- definitely not the line of work most Asians choose. But it’s people like Dr. Ken, Henry Cho, Bobby Lee, Steve Byrne, Kevin Shea, and even Dat Phan that make me feel that even I can be funny. However we cannot forget […]