Dat Phan

My Mom Is A Thrifty Asian

by Patrick on March 13, 2009

Tweet I got the best text message from my sister Kim today. Apparently my mom used a handful of coupons to shrink a $10 $31 CVS tab down to $5. Only my mom would use a billion coupons on a purchase. It reminds me of the time she managed to get money back after buying […]


The Cho Show

by Patrick on August 26, 2008

Tweet I enjoy Asians comedians. It’s weird when you think of an Asian comedian- definitely not the line of work most Asians choose. But it’s people like Dr. Ken, Henry Cho, Bobby Lee, Steve Byrne, Kevin Shea, and even Dat Phan that make me feel that even I can be funny. However we cannot forget […]


Sofia Coppola Is Hot

by Patrick on August 11, 2003

Tweet I’ve been so lazy yet busy after the show. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the 42nd Street DVD. I’ve made lots of cool extras, I just hope I can get that and Scot’s video done before school. Talking about school I’m going to leave to go there for orientation for […]