My Dating Life

Tweet This past weekend I attended my 34th Dave Matthews Band show. It’s been three years since I last saw him so I was excited to jump back into the annual tradition. There are only three bands I’ll consider seeing live and DMB is one of them. While my fandom has waned from when I […]


Tweet There’s nothing like a week on the OBX. It’s been a great annual tradition where great friends get together for some great fun. However over the past few years the beach trip has also become associated with something else: getting married. Two years ago my friend Chris proposed to Sarah at the house during […]


Tweet My parents pay special attention to my dating life. I don’t know if it’s because I’m the only one among my three siblings that has never had a “Facebook official” relationship or if it’s because I mostly keep my parents in the dark when it comes to that part of my life. One time […]


2010 In Review

by Patrick on January 29, 2011

Tweet I’m just not getting anything done on time. First I can’t get my holiday cards out the door on time, now it’s almost February and I haven’t written my 2010 in review yet. Not to mention an almost month long hiatus from blogging. At least I have lots of excuses: back-to-back work trips to […]


The Pick and Roll

by Patrick on December 22, 2010

Tweet There are times in life you have to bail a friend out. Maybe you have make a pickup at the airport or bail somebody out of jail. Last week the bail out was saving someone from getting hit on by an obnoxious douchebag. I passed by Date Me DC’s happy hour last week to […]


On Shutting Out Memories

by Patrick on November 17, 2010

Tweet Tokens of our past are not always normal. It’s not always a photo, a program, or something that clearly explains its significances to the owner. It could easily be mistaken as trash and accidentally thrown away without notice. I walked outside holding such a token: a string of raffle tickets. To most it’s nothing […]


Tweet What happens to life after college? For so many of us it’s a time where we don’t know exactly where we are going or heading. Friends get engaged, married, and pregnant while we wonder if life is passing us by faster than we thought. We worry about finding jobs and wonder where to go […]


Tweet You could call it a step towards a more independent life, or a step towards gaining a feline companion. For the most part I spent this year’s Oscar Watch watching films with friends or by myself on a TV. In the week leading up to the Oscars however I made a big step in […]


Tweet Note: This post is additional commentary to the weekly post I have up today at GoGameFace. I try my best not to spoil the film too much but you might want to watch the film first before going any further- and I hope you do because it is a great film. Shopgirl, The Weather […]


Tweet “I just get tired of sitting around and watching TV.” Last night at Amadeus rehearsal I was talking with Kristin, my props designer, about her work on the show as an escape from her couch. I could easily relate to her feelings, it’s really hard to find me home alone on a Saturday night. […]