The OBX Season 5 Episode 3

by Patrick on June 21, 2012

Tweet See what happens when you decide to sleep in a bed that’s not yours.


Tweet There’s nothing like a week on the OBX. It’s been a great annual tradition where great friends get together for some great fun. However over the past few years the beach trip has also become associated with something else: getting married. Two years ago my friend Chris proposed to Sarah at the house during […]


The OBX Season 5

by Patrick on May 21, 2012

Tweet Yesterday I arrived on Hatteras Island for another week of fun, adventure, and getting awesome. It will be Legend- WAIT FOR IT…  

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Tweet While a lot of you are happy that’s It’s Gonna Be May, I’m excited that we are now 20 days from my annual trip to The Outer Banks (aka The OBX). I can’t believe it’s now the sixth year of the trip, can’t even believe I’ve been making videos about it for five. Here’s […]

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Tweet Now I understand the psychology of reality shows. I spent this Independence Day weekend traveling back to The OBX to celebrate the wedding of my ex-roommate Sarah. With a destination wedding on a holiday I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it but Sarah’s fiance Mike looped me in […]


Tweet In a few short hours I’ll be boarding a plane to travel back home to see Kim graduate from Fitchburg State. She’ll be attending UConn this fall for a graduate degree to peruse a career in student affairs- I couldn’t be more proud of her! It’ll be four years after I walked upon the […]


The OBX 2009: Afterwords

by Patrick on June 1, 2009

Tweet Well another beach trip has come and gone. I already miss the beach and can’t wait for next year’s trip. I didn’t accomplish any of the things I wanted to do while on the beach but I don’t care. What has now become my annual welcome into summer is more about relaxing and spending […]


Tweet Stephanie had some wise words for the group as we sat around a bonfire on the beach last night: “Relationships are like food, you can have two things, like peanut butter and chocolate, by themselves they are awesome but when you put them together they are even more awesome. You could also have two […]


Tweet Even when you are on the beach you have a daily routine: Wake-up after sleeping in Make breakfast/re-hydrate Go to the beach and get tan/play volleyball/practice your Aquaman impression Lunch Repeat step 3 Dinner Drink til 3-4 AM That being said we try and mix things up a little with step 7. Sunday we […]


Tweet Good thing I took the day off last night. When it comes to weeks of destruction I’m like Kobe, I like doin’ work- I can only perform however every other day. Last night everyone manage not a power hour, not a century club, but a double power hour. We watched a power hour of […]