Tweet Do you know who Rafinha Bastos is? Unless you speak Portuguese you may not. However the Brazilian comedian and journalist is somebody everyone should know. Because he is the most influential person on Twitter. It’s weird that a person, who happens calls himself “The King of Twitter,” is indeed the King of Twitter. He doesn’t have […]


Tweet   Earlier this week I talked about how the personality will trump the corporation in social media almost every time. So what happens when a company tries to jump on pop culture conversation du jour? The Charlie Sheen saga maybe fading away like a Ray Allen jumper but at the height of its popularity […]


Tweet The great John O’Connell once said, “You know you’re getting old when you wake up feeling like you would after a big night but there was no big night.” I guess I’m getting old. Or it’s tech week. It’s been a really tough week for me: during the day I’m working to meet deadlines […]


Tweet Remember when advertising was actually a persuasive tool? You would buy a product because it was advertised to be the best, longest lasting, or a great value. Companies would pit their products against the competitors in ads, hoping that it would win the hearts and minds of the consumers that watched them. Of course […]


Tweet It’s taken me a week to figure out how to write this post. Back in January I started using Foursquare, a social network that allows you to track where you go and hang out using the cell signal/GPS in your phone. I like it for meeting up with friends and shamelessly plugging where I […]


Watching A Suicide On Twitter

by Patrick on January 13, 2010

Tweet Please keep @Beccas43 in your prayers, currently in the ER for potential drug overdose. That was a tweet I saw last Thursday night from social media enthusiast/fellow Asian Forrest W. Kobayashi. When I asked him if he knew Beccas43 he told me it was a story he saw through his Twitter network. When I […]


Tweet When Dana and Tracy Hanna got married and became husband and wife, Dana couldn’t wait to make it official… on Facebook. Check out this video where after the minister pronounces them husband and wife, the Groom slyly takes out his phone so he can update his Facebook relationship status and send out a quick […]


Tweet Just before I spoke at the WWPR Media Roundtable a couple of weeks ago, there was a considerable amount of buzz surrounding the new Social Media Guidelines put out by the Washington Post. These guidelines were pretty stern in limited what a Post Journalist can say in fear of expressing bias on a topic […]


Tweet Like everybody else on Twitter, we probably are following actor and cougar champion Ashton Kutcher. Well I noticed a tweet from him last week plugging his fantasy football show on U-Stream. It’s interesting how a guy that started as model and moved on to TV, has sinced become a prankster, film star, and is […]


Tweet I am a dead man. That according to Maxie who isn’t a fan of the fact the latest song stuck in my head is the latest single from Trey Songz titled, LOL :-). Not only is it a catchy beat, I think it’s funny that the lyrics drop a lot of social media references […]