Tweet Last September I was on hand to see my friends Diana and Brett get married in North Carolina. It was out in the middle of nowhere on a historic plantation. That being said there wasn’t much to do around town after the reception, so we all decided to go to Wal-Mart. This is what […]


Pho On The Net: 7-15-11

by Patrick on July 15, 2011

Tweet Hi friends. My jet-set summer is well under way, I have everything from business trips to weddings to my very first speaking engagement lined-up this summer. That’s right- I’ll be speaking at the 20SB Summit in Chicago next month! I’m really, really excited! Now I just need to find something intelligent to say. I’ve recently created […]

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The “Best Man” Speech

by Patrick on February 8, 2011

Tweet There’s a reason why we procrastinate on tasks. Usually it’s because it’s so hard to get started (and finish). When I was on The OBX this past summer, one of my friends got a call from her brother, asking her for advice on his Best Man speech for a wedding he was in the next day. […]


Tweet Now I understand the psychology of reality shows. I spent this Independence Day weekend traveling back to The OBX to celebrate the wedding of my ex-roommate Sarah. With a destination wedding on a holiday I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it but Sarah’s fiance Mike looped me in […]


Tweet One of the big reasons I’m behind on life is because I flew back home last week to attend my sister’s engagement ceremony. For those non-Vietnamese out there it’s a tradition that involves lots of praying, food, and bowing. Check out Wikipedia and this very informative article explaining some of the customs. So I […]


Tweet It’s the new midlife crisis. It’s become hip and cool to joke about the “quarterlife crisis.” The “oh shit” moment when you realize you aren’t in college any more; the fear and uncertainty that have fueled many applications to grad school; the little things that make you realize that you are no longer 21- […]


My Wedding Dance

by Patrick on February 26, 2009

Tweet I was reading Katie’s Happy Humpday post over at Can I Say… and it got me thinking about dances… wedding dances. For those that stalk me enough know that when I go to a Wedding I’m always taking what I like about that wedding and start forming my own dream wedding. I know I […]


2008 In Review

by Patrick on January 5, 2009

Tweet I started 2008 with a lot of drinks, a whole lot of kisses, and  some frustration. The second half of 2008 sped by me as I work kept me busy and stressed. The travel, the weekends on the job, the extra hours in the office all made it hard to realize that it’s already […]


The Jet Set Lifestyle

by Patrick on October 23, 2008

Tweet It’s only been five days but it feels like it’s been forever. This past weekend marked the end of a long run of traveling- I really want to say I’m done for the year or the time being but I have a feeling November is going to get intense and I will be traveling […]


Tweet I love buzzwords. In a staff meeting last week I picked up a new one. In a staff meeting last week we discussed the economy and watched a Charlie Rose interview of Warren Buffet. He talks candidly on the economy and the current economic crisis. The meeting inspired me to watch a 60 Minutes […]

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