2013 In Review

by Patrick on December 31, 2013

Tweet Changes. Just gonna have to be a different man. Entering the third fourth decade of your life is certainly a milestone albeit not as big as 18, 21, and 40. However this past year has come and gone with much more change that any of my previous life milestones. This year I changed jobs, changed […]


Tweet “So things have been a little bit crazy for me right now.” I was standing in the middle of the sidewalk in Foggy Bottom, pacing up and down the same half-block of I St. outside the Metro station. I always pace when I’m on the phone. The constant movement of my legs while concentrating […]


2012 In Review

by Patrick on January 13, 2013

Tweet Despite the fact the was out of the office for almost two whole weeks, it feels like the holidays came by and went. Maybe it was because I spent the first part of my break trying to get so many holiday videos posted. Maybe it was because I packed every other day of vacation […]


Tweet You would think I would have learned a lesson from the 1st Annual NMS Pie Eating Contest back in November 2010. I did not. When the 2nd Annual NMS Pie Eating Contest rolled into town last November I stepped back up to the plate. I hope you enjoy this video from that event- because […]


Tweet Recently I got a message from YouTube informing me that I could transfer my old videos from Google Video onto my channel. I haven’t checked my old account there in quite some time and when I browsed through the videos I found a classic TMG memory I had to share. Back when I was […]


Tweet I’m back home for a couple of weeks before #Phoventure continues for the rest of the summer. This past weekend I was in Nashville where I brunched at the Nashville Biscuit House. I was considering trying some greasy spoon southern fare when I spotted a certain menu called the Big John: a one-pound chesseburger paired with […]


Tweet Last week I picked up something that most Millennials wouldn’t even think about touching. A newspaper. I was about to fly back to Washington, DC from Des Moines and my hotel left a USA Today outside my door. I picked it up, thinking I could read it during my least favorite part of a flight: the […]


Pho On The Net: 7-15-11

by Patrick on July 15, 2011

Tweet Hi friends. My jet-set summer is well under way, I have everything from business trips to weddings to my very first speaking engagement lined-up this summer. That’s right- I’ll be speaking at the 20SB Summit in Chicago next month! I’m really, really excited! Now I just need to find something intelligent to say. I’ve recently created […]

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Southwest Challengers To DC

by Patrick on April 26, 2011

Tweet I Love DC. Of course I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be a writer for a blog of that name. For the five years I have lived here, I have been a firm believer that the city life and night life trumps all. Even my hometown of Boston doesn’t stack up to DC. I thought […]


My #SXSW Experience

by Patrick on March 18, 2011

Tweet You are one of two people: either you are somebody that is proud they can use the #SXSW hashtag when tweeting or you are insanely jealous that you are not in Austin and have taken drastic measures to filter it from your Twitter feed. Last week I was the later but now I am […]